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Take charge of your general health today. Preventive health services can help detect and even prevent serious illnesses and medical problems before they become serious issues.

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Preventive health and routine care services

Our licensed primary care doctors are here to help with preventative care online. Examples of preventative care and routine care services we can provide include virtual wellness checkups, referrals for immunizations and flu shots, and orders for certain blood tests and other important recommended health screenings.

Examples of our preventive health and routine care services and their frequency include:

  • Virtual annual wellness check-ups

    Our doctors can check many areas of your health during a virtual wellness check. Regular checks can help detect medical concerns before they become major health problems. We can provide referrals for in-person blood tests, other exams and routine testing.

  • Vaccinations

    Vaccines are a highly recommended part of comprehensive primary care and can prevent many diseases, from mild to more serious. Examples include flu and COVID-19 shots, the tetanus vaccine, and other important vaccines. Speak to a doctor about options.

  • Quitting smoking

    If you need help with quitting smoking, we can help you with smoking cessation treatment options.

    Learn more about smoking cessation treatment
  • Hypertension

    If you have high blood pressure, our doctors can develop a treatment plan to help you manage your blood pressure.

    Learn more about high blood pressure treatment
  • Diabetes

    For Type 2 Diabetes patients, PlushCare can work with you on lifestyle changes and medications to manage and improve your disease, or even help get it into remission.

    Learn more about diabetes treatment
  • Allergies

    Speak with our primary care physicians about treatment for seasonal allergies, as well as how to get tested for allergies.

    Learn more about seasonal allergies
  • Heart disease management

    Our doctors can work with you to develop a treatment plan to manage your heart disease including medications and lifestyle changes. They can also prescribe medication for heart disease management.

    Learn more about heart disease management
  • Back pain

    If you have chronic back pain, our primary care doctors can help. Our doctors can prescribe medication for back pain and discuss treatment options with you.

    Learn more about back pain treatment
  • Obesity treatment

    If you feel your weight is affecting your health, our doctors can talk with you about medical evaluation and treatment options.

    Learn more about weight loss options
  • STD screening and prevention

    Our physicians can help you come up with a care plan to prevent sexually transmitted infections and keep you safe. We also offer testing, treatment, and a comprehensive PreP program.

    Learn more about our STI testing and treatment plans
  • Pregnancy prevention

    Our doctors can discuss options for contraception with you, including birth control pills and other methods.  For contraception that can’t be prescribed virtually (such as an IUD), our team can help coordinate care with an in-person doctor for you.

    Learn more about birth control options

Benefits of preventive health and routine care

Preventative care services play an important role in personal wellness and long-term health promotion. Here are some of the key benefits of prioritizing preventative care.

  • Improves your health in the long-term

    Preventative care can help address medical risk factors early, preventing them from becoming long-term health problems. By making healthy lifestyle choices guided by preventive care, you are making an investment in your overall health.

    A primary care physician can work with you to develop a personalized preventive care plan. For example, you might consider regular wellness checks or periodic lab tests. By taking advantage of preventive services, patients can get a better picture of their overall health today, in order to make changes that can lead to a healthier tomorrow.

  • Contributes to increased lifespan

    Preventative care can serve as an important contributor to living a long life. Addressing potential health concerns sooner means that they can be treated prior to turning into more significant issues that may affect how long a person lives.

    It's common sense: the more you take care of your health, the more likely it is that you will benefit in the form of greater overall wellness. Preventive care services play an essential role in helping you to live a healthier and happier life.

  • Avoid high medical expenses

    Preventive care means being proactive about your health, which means not only preserving your wellbeing, but also preventing health issues with costly consequences. The health care costs associated with long-term illness and chronic conditions can be difficult to manage, even with insurance coverage. Preventative care can help to catch major medical issues before they become chronic diseases that have a long-term impact on personal finances.

    In addition, most health insurance plans cover preventive care costs, even if you have not met your deductible. Telehealth appointments may be a more affordable option to consider for routine care visits.

Ways to practice preventive care

Here are some specific ways that preventative care can help you stay healthy in the long run.

  • Weight management

    Having obesity or excess weight significantly increases the risk of developing conditions such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. This means that weight management plays a vital role in preventive care, and can take the form of regular exercise and a healthy diet.

    Talking with your doctor about weight loss treatment options can be a step in the right direction. Our board-certified primary care doctors can help you develop a weight management plan that supports your long-term health and personal fitness.

  • Mental health screenings

    Mental health is an essential part of your overall health. Preventive health for mental health care can take the form of screenings for depression or anxiety, which help to identify these concerns before they begin to impact other areas of a patient's life.

    Our online doctors and therapists can provide mental health care services and treatment, in order to help patients with guidance and emotional support through difficult times.

  • Physical health screenings

    A primary care physician can help patients determine which preventative care physical health screenings they should consider getting, based on their age, gender, and medical history. Preventive care physical health screenings are often provided to detect conditions such as:

    • Type 2 diabetes

    • Cervical cancer

    • Breast cancer

    • Prostate cancer

    • Colorectal cancer

    • High cholesterol

    • High blood pressure

    • Osteoporosis

    By screening for significant health conditions in advance, preventive services can increase the likelihood of finding medical issues early when they are easier for doctors to treat. They are especially important for people who may be at increased risk for certain health conditions.

    Our online primary care physicians can provide referrals for in-person physical health screenings and preventive care services, as well as lab tests.

  • Vaccines

    Vaccines are another important part of preventive care, providing the body with protection against different types of illness. Childhood immunizations and adult vaccines can help with long-term disease prevention.

    Examples of important vaccines include:

    • Hepatitis A

    • Tetanus

    • ​Shingles

    • Pneumonia

    • Seasonal flu/influenza

    Talk to your doctor during your preventive care visit to learn more about what vaccines may be appropriate for your overall health.

  • Wellness exams

    Wellness exams are an important cornerstone of preventive health care. Also called an annual physical exam, a wellness exam checks key areas of your personal health in order to get a clear overview of your current health status. Wellness exams typically check the following:

    • Blood pressure

    • Heart rate

    • Height

    • Weight

    • Cholesterol

    • Glucose levels

    As an essential component of maintaining your wellbeing, this preventive service can give you a better picture of your health, and help you determine if you need any specific care or treatment. An online primary care provider can provide you with a referral or order for an in-person wellness exam.

    PlushCare can provide an “annual wellness visit" to online patients. An annual wellness visit is not the same as a physical exam, which needs to be done by an in-person medical doctor.

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Preventive health and routine care FAQs

  • How much does preventive and routine care cost?

    The cost of a routine and preventative care visit will depend on whether you have health insurance coverage. If you have in-network insurance, the cost of an online visit with one of our doctors is typically just $30. For self-pay patients, the cost of a preventative care doctor appointment is $129 per visit.

    Most health plans often cover the cost of many routine preventive care services. To learn more, contact your health insurance provider.

  • What is considered routine preventive care?

    Routine preventative care refers to medical services performed in order to prevent medical issues before they become serious conditions. Examples of routine care preventive services include yearly checkups and health screenings.

  • Does preventive care reduce healthcare costs?

    Preventative care services can potentially reduce healthcare costs as a result of finding potential health issues early, and beginning any needed care or treatment sooner. This can lead to lower healthcare costs in the long run, as early detection and diagnosis could prevent costly treatment for a more significant health issue or chronic disease down the line.

  • Why is preventive health important?

    Preventive health is important since it helps to address potential health concerns before they develop into larger medical issues. Practicing preventative care can lead to better health outcomes and can contribute to a healthier life and extended lifespan.

  • What is the difference between routine and diagnostic care?

    Routine care (also called preventive care) is provided when you do not have symptoms of a specific illness and are being screened for potential health concerns. Diagnostic care is provided when a patient displays a specific risk factor or symptom and a physician seeks to provide a diagnosis in order to determine the next steps for care and treatment.

    Most health plans often cover routine care or preventive care services. Diagnostic services usually have an associated copay, deductible or coinsurance; contact your health plan for more information.

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