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Our Medical Review Team

We take medical review seriously

PlushCare allows anyone to see a doctor online, get diagnosed and prescribed medication for almost anything. We also have a robust blog that sees millions of visitors per month. In order to ensure you’re reading only the best content — the most medically accurate and trustworthy advice — we have members of our clinician network review nearly every article on the blog. 

We strive to be your most trusted ally in your pursuit of health and well-being. As such, PlushCare’s physicians, PhDs, nurses and public health experts review blog posts to ensure that the information you receive is accurate, evidence-based, current and trustworthy. Blog content is updated and improved as often as possible. If ever you see content that is inaccurate or needs adjustment, please email us at [email protected]

Anna Pickering, Ph.D.

Anna Pickering is a Ph.D. in Philosophy, Cell and Molecular Biology. Anna works as a medical writer. She grew up in Oregon, where she developed a love for science, nature, and writing. She is on the board of directors of the Hawaii Audubon Society.

Dr. Heidi Lightfoot, M.D.

Dr. Lightfoot is an anesthesiologist in Hampshire, United Kingdom. Alongside her clinical work, she has an interest in medical writing and clinical research, particularly in obstetrics and perioperative medicine.

Dr. Umer Khan, M.D.

Dr. Khan is a Board Certified physician practicing in Pennsylvania. His special interests include wellness, longevity and medical IT. Dr. Khan is an entrepreneur too. He creates educational videos online and developed the iMEDTracker medication list and reminder app. 

Dr. Karen Vieira, Ph.D.

Karen Vieira is a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences. Her passion is finding existing research on dietary and lifestyle changes that prevent, cure or improve various health conditions. She has been a researcher at University of Florida, Emory University and even Kraft Foods. 

Dr. N. Ramchandani, M.D.

Dr. Ramchandani’s passion is diagnosing and treating people with complicated health issues to help improve their overall health and quality of life. He is a Barbados-based pediatrician and physician, who enjoys writing and editing in his spare time. 

Margaret Spera, NP

Margaret Spera is a Connecticut-based nurse practitioner. She has worked in hospital settings, family practices and senior care facilities for over 40 years. Margaret is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania Nursing and got her master’s degree from University of Connecticut. 

Hillary Webster, ND

Hillary Webster is a Naturopathic Doctor and experienced hormone advocate. She helps uncover and repair hidden hormonal and nutrient deficiencies using scientific evidence combined with mind-body medicine. She loves dogs, writing, and grey sweaters.

Dr. Sarah Dash, Ph.D.

Sarah Dash is a PhD in Nutritional Psychiatry. Her research interests include public health, lifestyle medicine, noncommunicable disease prevention, and mental health.

Dr. James Wantuck, M.D.

James Wantuck is the cofounder and Chief Medical Officer of PlushCare. He holds an MD from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. He was a Professor of Medicine at Stanford University when he helped cofound PlushCare. In his spare time, James edits a few articles on the blog and plays golf!

Maria Glukhovsky Pharm. D.

Dr. Maria Glukhovsky, Pharm.D. has been a pharmacist for the past 12 years, clinical educator across many disease states and a clinical instructor at Jefferson School of Pharmacy. She loves to educate her patients and everyone around her on the proper use of medications and top disease management techniques to improve health and wellbeing.

Dr. Adonis Saremi, M.D.

Dr. Saremi completed his Master’s Degree (MS) in Applied Physiology and Medical Doctorate (MD) at the Chicago Medical School. He subsequently completed residency training in Internal Medicine at the University of California, San Diego Medical Center. When he’s not working, he enjoys time with his family and the outdoors.

Dr. Katalin Karolyi

Katalin Karolyi, M.D. earned her medical degree at the University of Debrecen. After completing her residency program in pathology at the Kenezy Hospital, she obtained a postdoctoral position at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, Orlando, Florida.

Dr. Ken Cosby

Dr. Ken Cosby received his medical degree from Howard University College of Medicine (Washington, DC) and completed his research post-doc work at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health including the National Heart Lung Blood Institute and the National Cancer Institute.

Dr. Isabelle Von Kohorn

Dr. Isabelle Von Kohorn received her medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania, completed her residency training at the University of California, San Francisco and received her fellowship training and PhD at Yale University. She is passionate about ensuring that health information is accurate and understandable for patients and families.

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