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Prescription Refill Online

Are you out of prescription refills and in need of more? Going to the doctor’s office just to get refills can be a real hassle. Luckily, there is now a convenient alternative so you don’t necessarily need to go to the doctor’s office for refills anymore. Let’s talk about how you can get a prescription refill online.

The Process of Getting Prescription Refills

If nothing about your health, insurance or doctor has changed, then the pharmacy can often just contact your doctor to request more refills. However, if something has changed, and depending on the medication, your doctor may need to see you before they can approve more refills. This can make getting refills a hassle, especially if you’re running low on your medication and your doctor is fully booked for several days.

How to Get Prescription Refills Online

Technological advances in the last few years mean that telemedicine is now an option for consultations like this. You can make a video appointment with a doctor to discuss your medications and health concerns, and they will be able to send prescription refills straight to your pharmacy. This can be much more convenient than going into your doctor’s office and can save you a lot of time. An average refill appointment with a PlushCare doctor lasts less than 15 minutes.

Beware of any company that claims they can send you refills without talking to a doctor first – a doctor’s appointment, even if it’s online, is a legal requirement before you can get a prescription or a refill.

How Does Insurance Factor In?

If you have health insurance, they must approve any prescriptions or refills. They may decide to decline to pay for certain medications, they may only cover a generic version, or they may require you to try a less expensive medication before they will agree to pay for the more expensive medication.

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) like Kaiser Permanente often require you to pick up your prescriptions at their pharmacy and won’t pay for prescriptions that you fill outside of their network. On the other hand, Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) often let you fill your prescriptions at any pharmacy that is convenient for you.

Some medications, like birth control, may be available without a copayment (or ‘copay’), but most medications will have some type of copayment that you need to pay when you pick up your prescription. Copays are flat fees that typically vary depending on whether you get generic or name brand medications. If you aren’t sure how much your copays are you need to contact your health insurance company.

Unlike the flat fee you’ll pay for a copay, some insurance plans have ‘coinsurance’ costs, which are a percentage of the total cost of the medication.

What About Medicare?

All Medicare plans have the option to sign up for prescription drug coverage. Various plans will cover different prescription drugs in each category, so you may not be able to get the exact medication you want – you may need to settle for something that’s similar, but different. Your doctor and the pharmacists can help you find the right medication for your healthcare plan.

What Types of Prescription Refills CAN You Get Online?

There are a wide variety of prescription types that our trusted doctors can refill for you once they are sure that the prescription is appropriate and safe. Examples of the types of medications a PlushCare doctor can help prescribe for you include:

What Types of Prescription Refills Can You NOT Get Online?

You can get refills for many different prescription medications online, but there are some restrictions and certain types of prescriptions that cannot be filled online for a variety of reasons. Any medication that is classified as a controlled substance and has potential for abuse cannot be prescribed online.

Some types of prescriptions that PlushCare doctors can’t prescribe include:

PlushCare and Prescription Refills

PlushCare’s doctors can provide you with 90-day refills for most medications following a virtual online appointment.

Before the appointment, you will need to input all of your current prescriptions, allergies, and some more information about yourself and your health. Our technology will make sure you won’t have any drug allergies and aren’t at risk of any drug interactions, which helps keep you safe and helps prevent human error.

Most PlushCare appointments last 10-15 minutes. During this time, you’ll be able to address all your questions and concerns with the doctor, get a diagnosis, and get any required prescriptions or refills sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice.

While phone appointments are available, video appointments through your computer or smartphone are usually preferable, as being able to see each other really helps the consultation.

To make an appointment with a trusted PlushCare doctor and see if you can get your prescription refill online, click here or call (888) 788-8719 to make a phone or video appointment today.

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