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Online Pharmacy No Prescription

writtenByWritten by: Jennifer Nelson
Jennifer Nelson

Jennifer Nelson

Jennifer is a contributing health writer who has been researching and writing health content with PlushCare for 3 years. She is passionate about bringing accessible healthcare and mental health services to people everywhere.

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reviewBy Reviewed by: Dr. Maria Glukhovsky

Dr. Maria Glukhovsky

Dr. Maria Glukhovsky, Pharm.D. has been a pharmacist for the past 12 years, clinical educator across many disease states and a clinical instructor at Jefferson School of Pharmacy. She loves to educate her patients and everyone around her on the proper use of medications and top disease management techniques to improve health and wellbeing.

March 29, 2021 Read Time - 6 minutes

Is There An Online Pharmacy With No Prescription? 

In a time where you can get just about anything delivered to your door with a few mouse clicks, can you get medication the same way? Online pharmacies seem like a convenient, affordable alternative to going into the doctor’s office, but did you know that many of them are operating illegally and might be selling medication that is unsafe or dangerous?

How can you tell if an online pharmacy is safe? Is there an online pharmacy where you can get medication without a prescription? Is there a safe, legal way to get prescription medication online? Read on for those answers and more.

What Is An Online Pharmacy?

An online pharmacy is any website that sells medication and includes both legitimate and illegitimate pharmacies. In the United States, federal law says that you must talk to a doctor before receiving prescription medication, so any website that claims they can sell you medication without a prescription is operating illegally.

The Dangers Of Many Online Pharmacies

Illegitimate pharmacies pose many dangers, and not just to your health. Here are some of the dangers associated with many online pharmacies:

  • Selling medication without a prescription is against the law. If they are willing to break laws requiring people to talk to a doctor before getting prescriptions, what other laws are they breaking?
  • They are often unlicensed, which means they are not following regulations that are meant to keep you safe.
  • They might give you inaccurate or misleading information about your prescription, which can have potentially harmful consequences.
  • Some may give you a prescription based only on a questionnaire. Failing to talk to a real doctor could lead to an incorrect diagnosis or medication that you should not take because of your health history or other medications you take.
  • They may sell – or at least fail to protect – your personal information, including your credit card number.

The medications they send you may:

  • Be fake
  • Not be made correctly
  • Be too weak, failing to treat the conditions you are taking the medication for
  • Be too strong, causing unwanted side effects or even an overdose
  • Not be approved by the FDA and therefore have not been checked for safety and effectiveness
  • Contain dangerous ingredients
  • Not be stored, labeled, or shipped correctly
  • Be expired
  • Not be safe to take with other medications or health products you are using

How Do Online Pharmacies Work?

Every online pharmacy works differently. Some skirt the law and ship medications from other countries, while others require a prescription and may even work with your insurance company. Follow guidelines on how to find a legitimate online pharmacy for an idea of what to expect – and what to look out for.

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How To Find A Legitimate Online Pharmacy

Finding a legitimate online pharmacy can be tricky. Many Internet drug companies are not in compliance with state or federal regulations. So, how can you find a legal, safe online pharmacy? Here are some tips.

Signs Of A Safe Online Pharmacy

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), an online pharmacy is likely safe if it:

  • Always requires a doctor’s prescription
  • Has a licensed pharmacist on staff to answer your questions
  • Provides a physical address and telephone number in the United States
  • Is licensed with a state board of pharmacy

Additionally, they recommend checking the website for the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy’s (NABP) Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites Seal, also known as the VIPPS Seal.

Warning Signs Of An Unsafe Online Pharmacy

An online pharmacy may unsafe if it:

  • Does not require a doctor’s prescription
  • Offers deep discounts or prices that seem too good to be true
  • Is not licensed in the United States and by your state board of pharmacy
  • Does not have a licensed pharmacist on staff to answer your questions
  • Charges you for products you never ordered or received
  • Sends medicine that looks different than what you usually get, or it arrives in packaging that is damaged, broken, in a foreign language, has no expiration date, or is expired
  • Does not provide clear written protections of your personal and financial information, or sells it to other websites

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use An Online Pharmacy Without A Prescription?

You could find an online pharmacy selling over-the-counter medication, but any medicine that requires a prescription cannot legally (or safely) be sold by an online pharmacy without a prescription. An online pharmacy may have a licensed doctor you can have an appointment with in order to get the prescription.

Is It Safe To Get Your Medications From An Online Pharmacy?

Some online pharmacies are safe, but there are many unsafe ones out there. If you do your research and find one that is legitimate, it is safe to get your medication from an online pharmacy.

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How to Get Prescription Medication Online

There is a safe, legal way to get online prescription medications without the hassle of going into your doctor’s office, and that is through an online appointment with one of PlushCare’s licensed doctors.

You can have a video or phone appointment with a trusted doctor where you will tell them about your medical history, current medications, and any symptoms you’re experiencing. If the doctor thinks it is appropriate, they can electronically send a prescription to your local pharmacy. You may still need to go pick it up, but it is much more convenient than going into your doctor’s office first.

Appointments with PlushCare are easy and affordable. With insurance, you will pay your regular copay, plus the cost of PlushCare membership ($14.99 a month). Without insurance, appointments are only $119 plus the cost of membership.

PlushCare membership includes many great benefits, including:

  • Unlimited in-app messaging
  • Access to our online care team
  • Online same-day appointment booking

To get started with PlushCare, simply click here to book an appointment. You could get prescription medication online as soon as today.

It’s important to note that online doctors, including PlushCare, cannot prescribe controlled substances like Ritalin, Adderall, Xanax, or Oxycontin. You must see a doctor in person to get a prescription for controlled substances.

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PlushCare is dedicated to providing you with accurate and trustworthy health information.

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