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How Much Does Online Therapy Cost?

January 14, 2020 Read Time - 5 minutes

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How Much Does Online Therapy Cost?

Online therapy is a new way to access the help you need right from your home. Wherever you are, whenever you need it, online therapy is a tool revolutionizing the way people find treatment. Below, you’ll find some of the most popular online therapy sites and the important information that sets them apart from one another.

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What Does BetterHelp Cost?

BetterHelp Cost: $40-$70 per week (billed monthly)

Number of therapists: 5,000

All therapists are licensed to practice

Therapy sessions via chat video, phone, and messaging

Mobile app

HIPAA Compliant 

Unlimited sessions with a dedicated professional therapist

BetterHelp was founded in 2013 and is one of the most trusted names in online therapy. With BetterHelp, you can select from three key categories of therapy:

Individual (for myself):

When you select this option, you will be taken to a short questionnaire to answer questions about your physical and mental state. These questions range from inquiries about your sleeping and eating habits to your ability to concentrate.

The answers to these questions will remain confidential between you and your therapist.

From here, you will create an account, enter payment information, and be connected with an individual counselor tailored to your needs. 

Couples (for me and my partner):

Upon selecting this option, you’ll be redirected to BetterHelps sister site, ReGain. ReGain is a service tailored to couples counseling, but functions similarly to BetterHelp.

On ReGain’s site, you and your partner will begin by filling out a questionnaire which is used to find the best therapist suited to your needs.

Approximately 1,000 total therapists are available and each specializes in relationship counseling. With ReGain, you’ll be paying around the same price as with individual treatment through BetterHelp.

Teen (for my child)

The teen option on BetterHelp will redirect you to another sister site, TeenCounseling; a service tailored to youth therapy.

The cost of TeenCounseling on average is slightly lower than BetterHelp and ReGain at $45 per week.

On TeenCounseling, you’ll select whether your seeking parenting advice, or direct treatment for your child. From there, you’ll follow the familiar format of answering a questionnaire in order to be paired with the right therapist.

online therapy

What Does 7 Cups Of Tea Cost?

7 Cups of Tea Cost: $150 per month

Confidential messaging via 7 Cups’ messaging platform

7 Cups does not include video chat or call

All therapists are licensed to practice

Unlimited messaging, therapist replies once or twice per day, Monday-Friday

HIPAA Compliant 

Mobile app

7 Cups stands out from other online therapy sites because of its expansive chat room feature which makes it the world’s largest online emotional support network.

While messaging with a therapist costs money, the chat room is free for anyone to use, and only requires the creation of a user account with 7 Cups.

From there, you anonymously join an online chat room with several other users in which you are free to talk about your troubles, or offer support to others.

Each chat room features a volunteer listener; someone over 15 years old who has completed a training course provided by 7 Cups.

7 Cups also has a popular Q & A page filled with user generated responses to hard, emotional questions you might be asking yourself.

What Does Talkspace Cost?

Similar to 7 Cups and BetterHelp, Talkspace is a platform which matches you with a licensed therapist who you can message, call, or video chat. They have different pricing packages.


For $65/week, you receive unlimited messaging in the form of text, video and audio. Your therapist will respond to messages daily, Monday-Friday.

For $79/week, your plan remains the same however, you receive 1 live session a month to chat in real time with your therapist.

For $99/week, your messaging remains the same however, you receive 4 live Sessions a month. 

Couples therapy is also available for $99 per week billed monthly, or $89 per week billed every three months.

Regardless of your plan, you can add a 30 minute live video session for $65.

Number of therapists: 3,000

All therapists are licensed to practice

Messaging with therapists

Mobile app

HIPAA Compliant

Live video sessions 

online therapy

What Does PlushCare Cost?

Cost With Insurance: average $25

Cost Without Insurance: $99 per Live Session.

Membership program costs $14.99/mo.

With PlushCare, you’ll have access to a licensed primary care physician ready to call or video chat.

Appointments are available every 15 minutes, and you can talk to one of our trusted doctors from anywhere at anytime using our app.

PlushCare’s doctors can also prescribe the medication you may need following therapy. That includes drugs such as antidepressants, and even prescriptions refills.

While PlushCare does not currently offer talk therapy services, our board certified physicians commonly write prescriptions for mental health medication and can refer you to a therapist if necessary.

PlushCare’s online doctors can send prescriptions to the the pharmacy of your choice, in all 50 states.

97% of conditions are treated on the first visit.

Is Online Therapy Covered By Insurance?

It’s important to check with your provider if online counseling is covered by your insurance as that will help reduce the cost of many of the services we’ve discussed in this article.

Some companies include coverage for specific sites listed here, as mental health continues to be considered more and more necessary by insurers.

Make sure to check your plan, and to take care of your mental well-being!

Book an appointment with a PlushCare physician today to experience the convenience of online mental health services.

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