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Our doctors are here to help. Humalog can treat diabetes and more. Speak to one of our board-certified doctors to see if diabetes is right for you.

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Our doctors are here to help. Humalog can treat diabetes and more. Speak to one of our board-certified doctors to see if diabetes is right for you.

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Can You Get Humalog (Insulin Lispro) Online?

Yes, licensed medical doctors can prescribe Humalog (Insulin Lispro) online after a medical evaluation.

You can speak with one of our online doctors to learn more about Humalog. Book an online appointment with one of our top doctors using your phone or computer.

During your virtual visit, a physician will review your symptoms and medical history to provide a diagnosis. If the doctor determines that a patient would qualify for Humalog, they can write a prescription and electronically send it to a nearby pharmacy for pickup.

What Is Humalog (Insulin Lispro)?

Humalog is one of the brand names for insulin lispro, a fast-acting insulin which helps lower the amount of sugar (glucose) in the blood.

Humalog prescription FAQs

  • How Does Humalog Work?

    Insulin helps your cells use your blood sugar (glucose) for energy. Humalog is a synthetic insulin that aids diabetics with this process, which helps lower blood sugar levels.

    A fast-acting insulin, Humalog is often taken in conjunction with a medium- or long-lasting insulin product. It may also be taken with oral diabetes medications like glyburide or glipizide.

  • What Is The Recommended Humalog Dosage and Treatment?

    Humalog is injected under the skin in the stomach, back of the upper arms, buttocks, or thighs. Be sure to clean the area first with rubbing alcohol. You should use Humalog either 15 minutes before eating or immediately after eating.

    Always follow your doctor's directions about how much Humalog you should use. There are two different strengths of Humalog, and your dosage will vary based on a number of different factors. If you have questions about how much Humalog you should take, be sure to ask your doctor or pharmacist, since using too much can cause a dangerous drop in your blood sugar and too little won't control high blood sugar.

  • What Are The Benefits of Humalog?

    Humalog lowers blood sugar. High blood sugar, if left untreated, can lead to problems like stroke, blindness, heart attack, kidney damage, nerve problems, sexual dysfunction, and loss of limbs. Managing your blood sugar levels with diet, exercise, and an insulin like Humalog can help reduce these risks.

  • What Are The Side Effects of Humalog

    When used properly, Humalog is generally safe, although side effects are possible. Side effects of Humalog may include:

    • Injection site redness, pain, or irritation

    • Low potassium

    • Itching

    • Low blood sugar

    • High blood sugar

    • Blurred vision

    • Drowsiness

    • Dizziness/li>

    • Hollowing or thickening of the skin where you inject it

  • What Are Humalog Interactions?

    While Humalog does not directly interact with other medications, some medications can cause your blood sugar to rise or fall, and other medication may decrease or increase the effects of Humalog.

    Always tell your doctor about every medication you take since it may impact how much Humalog you need.

  • What Are The Precautions and Considerations of Humalog?

    Be sure to share your medical history with your doctor as it may impact how much Humalog you take or how your diabetes is treated. Especially be sure to mention if you deal with any of the following:

  • Can You Take Humalog While Pregnant?

    It's crucial to control your blood sugar levels while you're pregnant. The amount of Humalog you need to take may change throughout your pregnancy. Be sure to stay in touch with your doctor and closely follow their dosing instructions throughout your pregnancy.

  • Can You Buy Humalog Online?

    Federal law requires everybody to talk to a doctor before getting a prescription for Humalog. That medication must then be distributed by a reputable pharmacy.

    With PlushCare, you can have a phone or video appointment with a licensed doctor. If they believe that Humalog is right for you, they can electronically send a prescription to your pharmacy.