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Sexual health care services

Book an appointment today with our best-in-class sexual health care providers and pick up same-day prescriptions at your local pharmacy. We encourage a safe space for patient-centered communication so you can always speak candidly and honestly about sex, sexual orientation, or gender.

We’re dedicated to delivering sexual health services in a way that works for you, working together to find you the right fit. Some of our diverse sexual health offerings include:

  • Birth control

    In addition to helping prevent pregnancy, some types of birth control can also help treat certain health problems or provide other health benefits — like making periods lighter and less painful. Birth control isn’t one-size-fits-all.

    Learn more about birth control options
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

    Our sexual health providers offer sex-positive testing, diagnosis, and treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Regular STI testing and early treatment can help you stay safe and prevent the spread of STIs in our communities.

    Learn more about our STI testing and treatment plans
  • Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)

    PrEP is a daily medication that reduces the risk of HIV infection by up to 99%. 95% of our patients pay nothing for PrEP.

    Learn more about PrEP prescriptions
  • Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP)

    PEP is a medication taken in emergency situations after a potential exposure to HIV.  PEP must be started within 72 hours (3 days) after a possible HIV exposure.

    Learn more about PEP prescriptions
  • Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

    If you feel ready to begin treatment, we’re here for you. Our sexual health medical providers will explain your treatment options and can refer you to a specialist to provide the monitoring and support you need to help bring HIV down to “undetectable.”

    Learn more about HIV treatment
  • Hepatitis C (HCV)

    Almost everyone living with hepatitis C (HCV) can now be cured with an 8 to 12 week, once-a-day medication. You can consult with a doctor online to discuss treatment options, learn how to prevent reinfection, and get referred to a specialist for further support.

We’ve prescribed and treated over 550,000 patients.

Benefits of maintaining your sexual health

Taking care of sexual health enables individuals to take charge of their reproductive health as well as their emotional well-being and mental health surrounding their intimate relationships. Several pieces contribute to staying sexually healthy, some of which include education, safety, and communication, with both healthcare providers and intimate partners. Our board-certified healthcare providers make it easy to maintain your sexual health online from wherever you are, whenever is most convenient for you.

  • Education

    Taking sexual education into your own hands not only helps protect you from unintended pregnancy and STIs, but can also help you learn about sexual preferences and develop healthy intimate relationships. Sexual education empowers individuals to be aware of their sexual rights and remain sexually healthy and safe throughout their lifetime.

  • Safety

    Maintaining your sexual health requires preventing adverse outcomes related to sexual intercourse, such as sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy. For birth control, hormonal methods such as the pill, patch, ring, and IUD, are great options for women who want to have greater control over their reproductive health.

    These hormonal contraceptive methods are very effective at preventing unwanted pregnancy when used as prescribed, however, these methods do not protect individuals from the spread of STIs. Our sexual health care providers can help advise you about STI prevention, test for STIs, and prescribe STI treatment.

  • Communication

    If you're a sexually active individual, it’s vital to keep communication with your doctors and healthcare team. Open communication with your intimate partners also can empower you to have pleasurable and safe sexual experiences. While it may feel uncomfortable to discuss such an intimate topic, open communication with your healthcare provider allows them to provide you with informed, effective care.

    You may find it easier and more comfortable to have these conversations with our board-certified sexual health clinicians online. Our online sexual health services offer scheduling flexibility and are easily accessible no matter where you are, making it easy to maintain your sexual health care discreetly, if you prefer.

    It is especially important to consult a doctor if you are considering hormonal birth control or suspect exposure to STIs. With an accurate idea of your health background and current lifestyle, our sexual health care clinicians can provide you with the best treatment and preventative options.

  • Wellbeing

    Sexual health encompasses not only your physical health, but your mental and emotional health as well. Taking control of your sexual health plays a major role in improving your mental, physical, and emotional well being surrounding human sexuality and sexual expression.

Sexual health FAQs

  • What is sexual health?

    According to the World Health Organization, the concept of sexual health includes a person's physical, mental, emotional, and social well being in regards to sexuality. Sexual health does not simply refer to one's physical health condition. It encompasses sexual relationships, safety, and positivity as well.

  • Why is sexual health important?

    It is important to look at sexual relationships and sexuality with a positive and respectful approach to endorse healthy, safe sexual behavior. Taking charge of your sexual health does not only benefit your physical health, but also can help improve your overall health, including your mental and emotional well being.

  • What kind of doctor covers sexual health?

    Although you can get specialized health care pertaining to sexual health from urologists and OB/GYNs, our primary care providers can also address your needs. Primary care providers can educate you with sexual health information and resources, address reproductive health concerns, prescribe birth control, create treatment plans pertaining to sexually transmitted infections, and more.

  • How do you improve sexual health?

    There are many factors that contribute to your sexual health. Developing healthy relationships, respecting the sexual rights of others, taking care of your physical and mental health, and engaging in safe sexual experiences are all parts of improving sexual health. Talk to one of our primary care or mental health care providers to receive personalized treatment options and learn more about the many ways you can improve your sexual health.

  • When is Sexual Health Month?

    The American Sexual Health Association celebrates Sexual Health Month every September. Sexual Health Month, or Sexual Health Awareness Month, does not only help promote safe sexual behavior, but also brings awareness to sexual rights, sexuality, sexual expression, and more.

  • How do I know if I am sexually healthy?

    A sexually healthy life depends on many factors including being well-informed, engaging in safe sexual experiences, open communication with intimate partners and health care providers, and more. Check in with one of our sexual health clinicians online to learn how to take care of and maintain your sexual health.

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