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Mental health appointments available now

A healthy body starts with a healthy mind. Speak to one of our mental health providers online to get emotional support or medications for depression, anxiety, seasonal affective disorder and many more conditions.

  • Choose a mental health provider who fits your needs and schedule visits 7 days a week

  • Mental health experts dedicated to providing premier care to patients (18+)

  • 95% of mental health patients recommend PlushCare to friends or family

We accept most major insurances. Some of the plans include:

  • United Healthcare
  • Humana
  • Aetna

Access a mental health provider in just 3 easy steps:

  • Find your match.

    Step 1

    Find your match.

    Find a mental health clinician who matches your unique needs and preferences.

  • Book an online mental health appointment.

    Step 2

    Book an online mental health appointment.

    Book a mental health appointment from anywhere, on your schedule.

  • Talk to your mental health clinician online.

    Step 3

    Talk to your mental health clinician online.

    Visit with a licensed mental health clinician on your smartphone or computer.

  • Find your match.

    Step 1

    Find your match.

    Find a mental health clinician who matches your unique needs and preferences.

  • Book an online mental health appointment.

    Step 2

    Book an online mental health appointment.

    Book a mental health appointment from anywhere, on your schedule.

  • Talk to your mental health clinician online.

    Step 3

    Talk to your mental health clinician online.

    Visit with a licensed mental health clinician on your smartphone or computer.

Mental health services

If difficult feelings or emotions are getting in the way of your daily life, you can now easily get the mental health help you need from the comfort of your own home.

  • Online therapy

    Talk with a top licensed therapist online today and get access to our therapy program for $149 for weekly sessions or $169 for a single session. Book a free 15 minute consultation today to find the right online therapist for you.

    Learn more about online therapy
  • Mental health medication

    Our board-certified doctors can prescribe medications for mental health management. Book an appointment with one of our licensed physicians or get a referral from a therapist to talk about mental health medication options and start feeling better today.

    Learn more about mental health medication
  • *We cannot prescribe controlled substances. Prescriptions are dependent on an evaluation with a medical provider.

    Mental health ratings and reviews

    Our mental health providers have treated over 415,000 patients.

    • My fantastic experience with Plush Care!

      5 stars

      My experience with Plush Care was amazing. I was able to get an appointment within 30 min of first logging in & my physician was extremely helpful & knowledgeable. I have already shared my experience with family & friends. It was the most relaxed, convenient appointment I've ever had & will definitely be using this service again.

      L.D., Dec 2021

    • I ran out of my normal anxiety medicine…

      5 stars

      I ran out of my normal anxiety medicine and my therapist had not answered my phone calls or emails for the past few weeks. Panicking, I googled how to get a refill and PlushCare came up. Within an hour, I had an appointment, got my prescription filled, and my anxiety level dropped amazingly. This is a great service and I would highly recommend to anyone who needed their medicine filled.

      J.E., May 2020

    • Plushcare Please Don't Change A Thing!

      5 stars

      I came to Plushcare for routine meds when COVID first hit, but have now chosen a primary care physician who is the kindest, most concerned and helpful doctor I have ever worked with.

      J.P., Apr 2022

    • Very convenient from the comfort of…

      5 stars

      Very convenient from the comfort of your home, and flexible appointment availability! The doctor actually made the right (and critical) diagnosis and sent me to my specialist, who confirmed her online diagnosis. Very, very satisfied.

      G.T., Apr 2022

    • Five star service from the comfort of my home

      5 stars

      I was debating whether going to an Emergency room or having a dispatch physician come to my home for an eye infection. I have a toddler and with everything going on with Covid I couldn’t take the chances of going to the ER. After some research I came across PlushCare — the doctor was extremely knowledgeable and he sent my prescription to the pharmacy even before we finished our call.

      T.R., Jan 2022

    Online mental health benefits

    Online mental health services are more convenient, comfortable, and affordable than in-person counseling services. Here are just some of the substantial benefits that online counseling offers:

  • Affordability


    Mental health services can be costly, and some health insurance plans don't fully cover therapy or medication costs. Most online therapists in private practice charge the same fee for in-person or online sessions. Our online counseling services are much more affordable than in-person therapists.

    We offer a rate of $169 for a single therapy session or $149 for weekly sessions. Please note that our online therapy services vary between states, so make sure to check to see what's available where you live.

  • Convenience


    With mental health counseling online, you can speak to a licensed therapist whenever and wherever you are most comfortable.

    Traditional therapy has limited appointment availability, and there is often a wait before your first appointment. If you are seeking emotional support during a difficult time, availability and timeliness are crucial. Our online therapy programs allow you to find a licensed therapist and get the support you need as soon as today.

    There is no need to take extra time off of work to travel to an in person therapy appointment. With travel time not being an issue, it is easy to get mental health care that fits your schedule.

  • Accessibility


    If you live in an area where nearby therapy options are scarce, you can easily access our online therapy from the comfort and convenience of your home.

    Our online therapy program lets you see a licensed therapist who practices anywhere in the state you live in, so you’re not limited by geography.

  • Reduced stigma

    Reduced stigma

    Fortunately, the stigma surrounding mental health and getting care for mental health issues is decreasing. However, with online therapy platforms, your sessions are simply between you and your therapist.

    Online therapy makes it easy to treat mental health conditions with complete privacy if you choose to. The ease of access and scheduling flexibility that comes with online counseling makes it even easier to keep therapy sessions private.

  • Comfort


    In a survey by the American Psychological Association, 98% of patients rated their online therapy sessions as more convenient and comfortable than traditional in person therapy.

    It can be easier to open up to somebody on a screen from the comfort of your home, than in-person in a therapist's office. You also might feel less self-conscious when you're not in the same room as someone.

  • Frequency and consistency

    Frequency and consistency

    Since you can fit online therapy sessions around your schedule and don't have to worry about a commute to in office therapy, you can increase the frequency of your sessions. Online therapy allows you to see a licensed mental health professional more consistently so that you can start to feel better faster.

    Since you can select a time that works for your schedule, it's easier to stay consistent with your online therapy. More frequent and consistent therapy sessions have been shown to correlate with more meaningful and lasting changes.

  • Diverse therapists

    Diverse therapists

    With online therapy, you have access to a diverse selection of licensed therapists, so you can find the one that best fits your needs.

    Our online therapists have a wide range of expertise in various specialties and treatment modalities within various types of communities. You can chat with an online therapist to see if they're a good fit, making it even easier to find the perfect match for you and your unique needs.

  • Medication management

    Medication management

    If one of our licensed therapists recommends medication for you, our care team makes it easy to get in contact with one of our board licensed medical doctors. Our physicians can assist with a mental health diagnosis and prescribe medication. This can save you the effort of having to be referred to a physician outside of the therapy practice and wait a longer time before your first session.

    If you or your therapist think you could benefit from a mental health prescription, it's easy to get in touch with our doctors. If the doctor decides that you qualify, they can prescribe medication and send the electronic prescription to your nearest pharmacy for pick up.

  • Mental health FAQs

    • How much do online mental health services cost?

      Online counseling services can range from $60 to over $250 per session. We offer top quality online therapy with licensed mental health professionals in the mid range of average costs, at $149 for weekly sessions or $169 for a single session.

    • Can I talk to a mental health professional online for free?

      Licensed mental health professionals do not offer free mental health services. However, we offer a free consultation with one of our licensed therapists to see if our online therapy services are right for you.

    • Why is mental health important?

      Mental health and physical health are not completely separate from one another, and in fact, cannot be fully disconnected from one another. Mental health concerns can affect our physical health, and likewise, chronic physical conditions can affect our mental health. By taking care of our mental health, we are taking care of our physical health and our body as a whole.

      Mental health counselors do not solely treat severe mental health conditions. Taking care of your mental health can help increase your self-esteem, better manage stress, improve your mood, and improve your relationships, among other benefits.

    • What are the key signs of stress affecting mental health?

      Stress can take a toll on both mental and physical health, which is why it’s important to note some of the warning signs of chronic stress. As stress continues, it can affect areas of mental and physical health including sleep, emotional sensitivity, memory, concentration, and appetite. It can lead to depression and anxiety, among other mental health conditions.

      It’s important to seek help from trained mental health professionals at the first warning sign, before the stress causes severe mental health issues. Our licensed therapists are here for you. Book a free consultation or start your first therapy session to get the emotional support you need.

    • Does Medicare cover mental health?

      Medicare does offer mental health coverage, including preventative mental health and therapy. Medicare Part B covers preventive mental health services, including depression screenings, alcohol misuse screenings, and wellness visits. It also can cover counseling, individual and group therapy sessions, and mental health evaluation and diagnoses. There are certain eligibility requirements, so make sure to check your health insurance plan for details.

    • Does Medicaid cover mental health?

      Medicaid does cover mental health services, including therapy. Coverage varies by state and health insurance plan, so make sure to check with your provider about the services covered in your state.

      Counseling services, therapy sessions, social work services, and medication management are all examples of mental health services that could be covered by your Medicaid plan.

    • Are online mental health services effective?

      Yes, studies have shown virtual counseling to be extremely effective. A 2014 study by the Journal of Affective Disorders found online therapy to be as effective, if not more effective, than in person therapy.

    • When is Mental Health Awareness Month?

      Mental Health Awareness Month is observed in May in the United States. It is a month to raise awareness about mental health and reduce the stigma surrounding seeking mental health treatment.