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Urgent care services

Our virtual urgent care offers the same quality of patient care that you would expect from an in-person urgent care center, all from the comfort of your own home.

During your virtual visit, a top-rated physician can help address your health concerns and provide a wide array of treatment options, including prescriptions, prescription refills, and referrals for testing. You can also schedule a follow up medical care visit with one of our primary care physicians to make sure that you are healthy and recovered.

Urgent care ratings and reviews

Our urgent care providers have treated over 550,000 patients.

Online urgent care benefits

A virtual urgent care visit offers these substantial benefits:

  • Much shorter at-office wait times

    Virtual visits can save your time by greatly reducing office wait times as well as the commute time spent to reach the office. When it is time for your appointment, you will receive a link with instructions through a text or email to join the video visit. You need to click on the link, enter your information, and join the session. The length of the virtual visit is usually about 15 minutes, depending on your healthcare requirements and medical needs.

  • Healthcare access from anywhere

    Virtual visits or telehealth visits can be conducted from almost any place—home, hotel room, office, etc. All you will need is a quiet place for a few minutes that allows you to talk, see and listen to your doctor on the video call.

    Virtual visits are especially a great alternative for patients living in remote or rural areas, where there may not be readily available access to healthcare services such as an urgent care center. Virtual visits allow easy access to medical care without traveling a long distance.

  • Convenient medical care

    In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is key, and this is one of the primary benefits of a virtual health care visit. If you’re sick and don’t feel up to leaving your home, an easy-to-schedule and quick-to-connect video chat with your provider is very appealing. Virtual visits are a convenient care option when you can’t take time off work or school to visit your doctor for a minor health consultation or follow up.

  • Safety

    With virtual urgent care visits, you never have to worry about getting safe access to necessary healthcare services, even during times of an epidemic or pandemic. We all have seen how efficiently and effectively virtual healthcare options have been utilized, making it easy and convenient for people to obtain quality care without the risk of exposure. Online care can provide you with greater peace of mind while still allowing you to address your health concerns.

  • Affordability

    Although most urgent care centers charge equally for a virtual visit and an in-person visit, you still get some level of affordability with virtual visit options. By gaining access to healthcare from your home, you can get treated while eliminating the time and money associated with travel. Also, like regular in-office urgent care visits, your video visit is also covered by most major health insurance plans.

Online urgent care FAQs

  • Does urgent care offer COVID 19 testing?

    Urgent care typically offers COVID 19 testing. We can send you an at-home COVID 19 test kit, and have your test results sent back to you online in a timely manner. If the test result is positive, you can book an online appointment with one of our doctors to discuss medical care options and treatments. We also provide referrals for COVID-19 antibody testing.

  • How much does urgent care cost with insurance?

    The cost of a virtual visit will vary depending on your insurance, though most patients will pay their regular office copay. We accept most major health insurance plans.

  • How much is an urgent care visit without insurance?

    An online urgent care visit is $129 for patients without in-network insurance. This is typically a more affordable option than an in-person clinic, while still providing access to quality care and treatment.

  • Does online urgent care offer to order x-rays?

    Yes, your primary care doctor can provide an order for an x-ray or digital x-ray after an online medical consultation, in addition to other in-person tests, labs, and services, such as an in-person test for vital signs or physical exam. You can also schedule a follow up virtual visit with your doctor to discuss the next steps as part of your quality care plan.

  • Does urgent care do STD testing?

    Yes, urgent care does offer STD testing orders to patients. Your online doctor can provide you with a testing order for an in-person lab or clinic, and then schedule a follow up visit as part of a care plan.

  • Can an online urgent care provider write a prescription?

    Yes, experienced providers and urgent care doctors can write a prescription for patients who qualify after a medical consultation. As part of the medical care we offer to patients, our doctors can electronically send prescriptions for pick-up to a nearby pharmacy of a patient's choice or nearest location.

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We can send prescriptions to any local pharmacy.

Urgent care pricing details

How pricing works

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Often the same as an office visit. Most patients with in-network insurance pay $30 or less!

  • We accept these insurance plans and many more:

    • Humana
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Paying without insurance



First month free



30 days of free membership

  • Same-day appointments 7 days a week

  • Unlimited messages with your Care Team

  • Prescription discount card to save up to 80%

  • Exclusive discounts on lab tests

  • Free memberships for your family

  • Cancel anytime

Visit price without insurance

Initial visits are $129.

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