Medical weight loss management programs

Access consultations with a board-certified doctor, health coaching, and prescription weight loss medication as medically necessary. Our doctor-led online weight loss programs are available with no minimum commitment required. Talk with a doctor today to find the weight loss treatment plan for you.

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Access consultations with a board-certified doctor, health coaching, and prescription weight loss medication as medically necessary. Our doctor-led online weight loss programs are available with no minimum commitment required. Talk with a doctor today to find the weight loss treatment plan for you.

Personalized programs created by expert primary care physicians

Top quality, board-certified doctors

Insurance accepted but not required for medical visits and prescription medication

Effective FDA-approved medications for weight loss (for those who qualify, if prescribed)

* Prescriptions provided at doctor’s discretion.

We accept these insurance plans and many more!

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3 simple steps to discuss your personalized weight loss plan

Step 1

Book a visit with a doctor online to discuss weight loss.

During your first visit, your PlushCare doctor will review your medical history and health goals.

Step 2

Talk to your physician regarding your weight loss goals.

Visit with a doctor on your smartphone or computer. Often, lab work is required, and they’ll send an order to your preferred lab. Once your results are available, your doctor will review them with you and discuss treatment options.

Step 3

Follow up with your doctor to discuss a prescription for weight loss, if you qualify.

Prescriptions are provided at the doctor’s discretion. If medication is prescribed, it will be sent to your pharmacy of choice.Learn more about the cost of medication and whether a prior authorization is needed in the FAQ section below.

Weight loss program pricing details

How pricing works

To see a doctor online, join our monthly membership and get discounted visits.*

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30 days of free membership

  • Same-day appointments 7 days a week

  • Unlimited messages with your 24/7 Care Team

  • Prescription discount card to save up to 80%

  • Exclusive discounts on lab tests

  • Free memberships for your family

  • Cancel anytime

Visit price with insurance

Often the same as an office visit. Most patients with in-network insurance pay $30 or less!

  • We accept these insurance plans and many more:

    • Humana
    • Aetna
    • United Healthcare

Paying without insurance



First month free

First visit


Repeats only $69

30 days of free membership

  • Same-day appointments 7 days a week

  • Unlimited messages with your 24/7 Care Team

  • Prescription discount card to save up to 80%

  • Exclusive discounts on lab tests

  • Free memberships for your family

  • Cancel anytime

Visit price without insurance

Initial visits are $129 and follow-ups are only $69 for active members.

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*If we're unable to treat you, we'll provide a full refund. Please note that any medication or lab work costs are not included.

Weight loss management services

Our weight loss program includes access to services that help countless patients achieve their weight loss and overall health goals, safely. With our extensive network of expert primary care physicians, health coaches, and access to prescription weight loss medication if you qualify, it is easy to take charge of your health today. Our scientific, sustainable approach to weight loss ensures that you manage your weight longterm and continue to improve in other areas of your life, like diet, sleep, exercise, and mental wellbeing. Some of our offerings include:

  • FDA-approved effective prescription weight loss medications (often covered by insurance plans)

  • Type-2 diabetes and other medications that may be used “off label”* for weight loss

    Mounjaro, Ozempic, and Victoza are type-2 diabetes drugs used off-label for weight loss but have proven to be extremely effective in weight management. FDA-approved for depression and smoking cessation, Wellbutrin (bupropion) is also sometimes prescribed.

  • Customized physician-backed weight loss plans

    Every patient is seen by a board-certified primary care physician, with experience in caring for patients with weight concerns. PlushCare’s evidence-based and scientific approach to weight loss can help set you up for long term success.

  • In app health coaching

    Our physicians match you with a health coach to guide you through each step of the way of your weight loss journey with regular check-ins. Accessible through your mobile phone, you can chat with a health coach via in-app messaging at your convenience.

  • Ongoing weight loss monitoring

    Our weight loss program includes ongoing treatment monitoring from your care team. Your physician will continue to monitor your progress even after you reach your goal, to make sure the strategy continues to work for you in the long term.

  • *We can only refill certain medications. Refills are dependent on an evaluation with a medical provider. Off label: this means that the drug is not FDA approved for this indication but may be prescribed by your doctor if the benefits of using the med are felt to outweigh the risk. Off label prescribing is a very common practice, and is completely legal to do. When using a medication off-label, closer monitoring and more frequent contact with your doctor may be needed so as to be especially alert for any untoward side effects or drug interactions.

Weight loss programs ratings and reviews

Our high-quality medical team has treated over 555,000 patients.

Medical weight loss program benefits

Our doctor-led, personalized weight loss programs are scientifically backed and customized to you as an individual, so you continue to see benefits long term. Metabolic health is complex and often intersects with other areas of concern - from emotional health to sleep issues - and we each have our unique challenges that deserve personalized solutions. Our doctors understand that. We listen to our members to understand their history and what has or hasn't worked to create a holistic plan that drives real results. Some of the benefits of our program include:

  • Accessible testing and weight loss medications

    After a consultation, our physicians can order necessary lab work and tests to the lab nearest you. Once evaluations are completed, you’ll see your doctor to discuss treatment options in a second visit. If indicated, our doctors can prescribe FDA-approved medications to your nearest pharmacy for convenient pickup. Many times, insurance covers the cost of medication, and our physicians can help with getting prior authorizations if needed. In addition, our patients save an average of 58% on medications with our member discount card.

  • Long-term success

    It's easy to feel frustrated if you've tried weight loss programs before that didn't produce lasting results. Our physicians will teach you clinically-backed lifestyle changes and skills to help you achieve long-term success. Our medical weight loss programs allow you to make weight management a part of your life, by incorporating small steps over time. Our physicians will continue to monitor and treat you, even after you have achieved your weight loss goals, to minimize the possibility of relapse.

  • High care quality

    Our program provides access to a dedicated care team including a board-certified primary care physician and a health coach to monitor your progress and help keep you on track. All of our board-certified doctors graduated from the top 50 U.S. medical schools, so you can rest assured you are getting the highest quality of care. Appointments are available 24/7, so you can get access to quality care whenever you need it.

  • One platform

    You can speak to a board-certified physician, chat with your health coach, and get prescribed weight loss medications, all within our app. There is no need to use separate platforms to speak with a physician, get prescription medication, and speak with a health coach to monitor your progress. All of this is done within our platform, whenever and wherever you may be.

  • Reduced stigma

    Our online platform provides the ideal environment for weight loss counseling, reducing the bias or stigma you may feel during an in-office visit. In a survey by the University of Connecticut Center for Obesity Medicine, 75% of patients surveyed stated they would prefer a virtual visit rather than in-person.

Weight loss management FAQs

  • What is the best method for weight management?

    The best method for weight management incorporates lifestyle modifications that are sustainable long term. Medication can help, but only when combined with the correct eating plan for your body, better mood, stress, and sleep management, as well as exercise. Medical weight loss programs combine these factors with supervision under a board certified physician, to ensure your weight

  • What is the concept of weight management?

    The concept of weight management refers to maintaining your goal weight long term. After losing weight, you will need to continue many of the diet and lifestyle modifications you initially made to lose the weight, to keep the weight off. Our doctors can help you with your challenges, continuing to monitor your treatment progress after you reach your goal weight, to ensure sustainability.

  • How can I lose weight online?

    You can lose weight online through a platform providing a comprehensive treatment plan, including guidance from a board certified doctor and health coach. This can be done on our platform, which includes virtual visits with a physician to establish treatment goals, prescription medication as medically necessary, and in-app health coaching.

  • How fast do you lose weight with medical weight loss?

    Based on available research, using a comprehensive approach incorporating medications and lifestyle adjustments, you may expect to lose at least 5% of your weight over a 6 month time period and often more. The speed of weight loss depends on many factors, including one’s ability to, by incorporating doctor-suggested lifestyle changes in addition to medication.

  • Can a doctor prescribe you something to lose weight?

    Yes, our board certified doctors can prescribe weight loss medications, after conducting an initial consultation online and ordering any necessary evaluations to the lab nearest you. After completing any necessary testing, your doctor will discuss the best medication options for you. It is important to note that medication is only effective in combination with healthy lifestyle changes.

    Most branded weight loss medications require prior authorization in order for insurance to cover the cost. Your PlushCare physician and care team will reach out to your insurer on your behalf, and this process can take several business days. If you are denied the prior authorization or do not have health insurance, you may still purchase the medication at the full cash price.

  • How do medical weight loss programs work?

    Medical weight loss programs take a scientific approach to weight management. Our board certified doctors customize treatment plans based on each individual’s lifestyle and health conditions. They combine prescription medication, health coaching, and ongoing treatment monitoring to ensure long term success and avoid the possibility of relapse.

  • Are medical weight loss programs effective?

    Medical weight loss programs are effective because they incorporate dietary and lifestyle changes in addition to effective medication, under supervision of a board-certified doctor. Medication for weight management is an effective component in losing and keeping off weight, but only when complemented by appropriate dietary choices and exercise.

  • Can I use insurance for weight loss management?

    Yes, we are in network with most major insurance providers. You’ll have the option to search for and select your insurance provider when you book an online appointment in order to determine if your insurance is in network.

  • Can PlushCare perform preoperative evaluations on prospective bariatric surgical patients?

    No, we do not provide evaluations for bariatric surgery. However, PlushCare doctors can assist with pre-surgical weight loss if recommended by your bariatric surgeon, and we can help monitor vitamin levels and routine blood testing after surgery.

  • Who can join the PlushCare weight loss program?

    Our weight loss program is for people with higher BMIs (25+) with or without weight-related comorbidities such as hypertension, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, or diabetes. We do not treat patients with symptoms of an active eating disorder with weight loss medication, including Bulimia Nervosa, Anorexia Nervosa, or Binge Eating disorder. But don’t worry – even if you aren’t enrolled in the weight loss program, you can still join PlushCare and speak with a doctor about any of your health concerns, including how to prevent weight gain and the development of metabolic disease for those who may be at risk.

  • Where is the best place to start to lose weight?

    Weight loss should begin with healthy lifestyle modifications, including incorporating a healthy diet and regular exercise plan. To learn more about weight loss treatment plans and find the best approach for you, talk to one of our doctors today about your options.

  • Does 5-10% weight loss improve my health?

    There is scientific evidence that losing 5-10% of your weight can improve many obesity-related conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, and more.