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About Vistaril 

Vistaril is considered an antihistamine that is also classified as an anxiolytic and sedative. The drug has multiple pathways by which it works. It may be useful for people at risk of an allergic reaction due to allergies, as the medication reduces the production of natural histamine hormones in the body. The drug also reduces central nervous system activity, which is why it may also serve as a type of sedative. Like any antihistamine with sedative effects, this medication can only be used for allergies and sometimes anxiety. It is ineffective against an acute and serious allergic reactions because it will not provide the same results as steroids and stronger antihistamines.

Some conditions that Vistaril is known to treat include allergies as well as anxiety. There are some cases where Vistaril is used in combination with other drugs before a healthcare professional performs a surgical procedure on the patient. This is primarily due to the sedative effects that Vistaril produces. Vistaril is available only by prescription. It is available in a generic formulation as well as under different brand names, including hydroxyzine. 

Vistaril may be prescribed as a capsule or liquid. To treat anxiety or allergies, hydroxyzine hydrochloride can be prescribed in various doses. The supplied Vistaril capsules will contain between 10mg and 50mg of the active ingredient, which is hydroxyzine hydrochloride. It’s always important to follow the specific instructions on your prescription, as they can vary based on the formulation and dosage that you are prescribed.

If you are prescribed Vistaril, be sure to complete the full course of the antihistamine unless your doctor specifically tells you to stop.

If you don’t complete your prescription, the antihistamine may not fully treat your anxiety or allergies. The medication is most commonly provided to people with anxiety symptoms. There are specific instructions that a healthcare professional will generally share with the patient. This can help to avoid drug interactions, as well as serious side effects, while using the medication to treat anxiety.  In most cases, the contraindications hydroxyzine hydrochloride has will only allow for short-term treatment solutions that usually do not last more than four months.

Vistaril uses

There are two FDA-approved uses for Vistaril, but it may also be used off-label to treat other conditions. Your online medical professional may prescribe it for the following reasons. It’s also possible that your healthcare provider may prescribe it for different reasons not listed here. Ask your online doctor or pharmacist if you have questions about how Vistaril is prescribed.

  • Anxiety symptoms

    One of the most common uses for Vistaril is to help treat anxiety symptoms. Patients with anxiety and tension may experience problems like chest pain, severe dizziness, and other adverse reactions. The sedative effects that Vistaril produces help to relieve anxiety in these individuals. It is effective against anxiety and tension symptoms. The patient usually has a regular dosing schedule but may be advised against using the drug early in the day. The sedative and hypnotic effects of Vistaril may cause specific adverse effects, which can affect the patient's ability to drive or while operating dangerous machinery.

  • Allergy symptoms

    Vistaril is primarily a type of antihistamine. This means the drug can effectively reduce the concentration of histamine in the body. An increase in histamine is related to allergic skin reactions and other reactions. By using Vistaril, the patient may experience a reduced occurrence of these allergy symptoms.

Vistaril side effects

  • The side effects associated with taking Vistaril are typically mild to moderate. Most Vistaril side effects are associated with the central nervous system. Vistaril has some common side effects. They may include:

    • Drowsiness

    • Dry mouth

    • A skin rash

    • Headaches

    Other side effects, which are less common but might be more severe, could include:

    • Seizures

    • Severe dizziness

    • Fainting

    • Chest pain and headache

    • Fast heartbeats

    Even though Vistaril is an antihistamine, there are some people who may experience allergic reactions to the active chemicals in the drug. It is important to tell healthcare professionals if you previously experienced an allergic reaction while taking hydroxyzine. This accounts for young adults and elderly patients. An allergic reaction while taking hydroxyzine may result in a skin rash or sometimes even a serious skin condition. Swelling of the lips, throat and other parts of the face can also occur, along with trouble breathing.

    You should call your doctor if you notice any of these side effects or if you develop any other new or concerning symptoms. This medication has not been approved for use in pediatric patients for the symptomatic relief of anxiety symptoms, tension, or allergies.

How to take Vistaril

Your pharmacist will provide you with instructions on how to take your Vistaril prescription.

Be sure to read your prescription label and follow the instructions. Call your doctor or pharmacy if you have any questions.

Vistaril can come in different forms and doses, so be sure to follow the specific instructions on your prescription. Due to the sedative effects that a drug like hydroxyzine pamoate may produce, the drug is often taken at night. This helps the individual feel calmer when they go to bed, effectively relieving both the anxiety and tension that they experience.

If you use a human therapeutic range of Vistaril in the form of an oral suspension, then use an accurate medical measuring device to ensure you take the right amount. Elderly patients with vision problems should get a healthcare provider to help them understand how to use the medicine cup.

What to avoid while taking Vistaril

Vistaril has the potential to cause serious drug interactions. Don’t change what you are taking without checking with your doctor or pharmacist. That includes other medications or supplements, as well as over-the-counter drugs. 

It is important to tell the healthcare professional about any other medications you use when taking Vistaril. This can help your doctor immediately recognize the possibility of drug interactions. Some cases of heart disease have been noted among patients who use Vistaril for the symptomatic relief of anxiety and tension symptoms, particularly when combined with certain other medications.

Do not use Vistaril if you are taking CNS depressant drugs. You should also tell your healthcare provider if you use medications to treat psychotic disorders or are currently on antibiotic treatment. Call your doctor if you have concerns about natural supplements or over-the-counter medicines. If you tell your doctor about these medications, they can help you make appropriate adjustments to reduce the risk of drug interactions.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist if it is acceptable to consume alcohol while taking Vistaril. Alcohol is also a central nervous system depressant, which means it may have a similar effect on the body as Vistaril. This greatly increases the risk of some serious side effects, such as severe dizziness and excessive sleepiness.

Call your doctor immediately if you have signs of a skin rash or other allergic reactions. In severe cases, especially with drug interactions, you may also need to contact your local poison control center. A poison control center can identify potential interactions or provide assistance in the case of an overdose.

Medication alternatives to Vistaril

If your healthcare provider prefers to put you on another treatment altogether, they may suggest another antihistamine or medicine in another drug class. Here are some common doctor-recommended alternatives based on your health issue:

Vistaril prescription FAQs

  • How much does Vistaril cost?

    The cost largely depends on the dose you need to use and the pharmacy you get your prescription.

  • How can I refill my Vistaril prescription?

    You will usually use the medication for a period of up to four months. Keep the prescription with a specific pharmacy and pick up your refill every month.

  • When should you not take Vistaril?

    Vistaril can cause severe drowsiness in some people. Do not take the medication if you are operating dangerous machinery or if you will drive. It is better to use the medicine at night. Use the medicine cup to get the right dose.

  • What should I avoid while taking hydroxyzine?

    Do not consume subsequent doses of the medication if it does not feel like it helps immediately. Muscle relaxants and certain medicines also have a depressive effect on the central nervous system. Avoid other CNS depressants while you use hydroxyzine.

  • How does Vistaril make you feel?

    Divided doses may help to reduce the sedative effects. Clinical data shows that people feel a slow heartbeat and calmer.

  • Who should not take Vistaril?

    Do not take Vistaril if you are on muscle relaxants or other antiemetic agents. Avoid CNS depressants while you take the drug. You should also not use other medicines with Vistaril that may cause interactions, especially if you had a heart attack in the past. Research suggests that children younger than 18 should be careful about using this medication.

  • What happens if I miss a dose of Vistaril?

    Make sure you understand the risk of a missed dose. If you have a missed dose, consider when your next dose is. Most people take the medication at night. If you remember your missed dose the same night, take the medication. Do not take the missed dose close to the next dose or on the next day.

  • What happens if I take too much Vistaril?

    Tell your doctor if you think you took too much Vistaril. It can lead to induced fetal abnormalities in pregnant patients. Severe drowsiness and fainting are also possible when taking too much hydroxyzine pamoate or hydroxyzine hydrochloride. Combining the medication with other drugs can greatly increase side effects.

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