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With PlushCare’s online birth control prescription service, you can talk to a doctor about your birth control options and get a prescription sent to your pharmacy. Whether you’ve been taking birth control for years or are just starting, getting a birth control prescription online is convenient, affordable and private. 

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Birth Control Pill Options

Choosing the Right Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are the most commonly used form of birth control. The pill needs to be taken daily around the same time. There are two main types of pills:


Combination birth control pills: Aubra, Ortho Tri-Cyclen, Mylan, YAZ, Loryna, Chateal, Sprintec, Apri, Trinessa, Yasmin, Junel, Lutera, Aviane


Progestin-only birth control pills: Camila, Errin, Norethindrone, Heather, Nor-Q, Micronor


Be open with your doctor about what you hope to gain from your pills beyond preventing pregnancy. Some pills can help reduce acne, while others are better at regulating your cycle, or controlling PMS symptoms. Read more about how birth control pills work here.

Other Options

Choosing the Right Birth Control Method

There are no shortage of options when it comes to birth control. In fact, there are little hundreds of options. Speaking with your doctor about your existing medical conditions, desired outcomes and personal needs will ensure you find the best option. Even effectiveness varies!


The Birth Control Implant | 0.05% chance of pregnancy

Intrauterine Device or IUD | 0.2-0.8% chance of pregnancy

The Birth Control Shot | 6% chance of pregnancy

Birth Control Patch | 9% chance of pregnancy

The Birth Control Sponge | 9% chance of pregnancy

NuvaRing | 2% chance of pregnancy

Birth Control Costs

How Much Does Birth Control Cost?

The Affordable HealthCare Act (ACA) added contraception to a list of preventative services that must be provided without co-payment. It also requires insurance providers to provide contraceptives at no cost to patients. This means if you’re insured you can get birth control completely free. 


For those without health insurance the cost of birth control varies depending on the method. Talk to your doctor about the pricing of different birth control options to see which works for you. Generally, one month of birth control pills can cost between $0 to $50.

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  3. Pick up your prescription – After the consultation with your doctor, you can pick up your prescription for birth control at a pharmacy near you.

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