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Psoriasis Treatment

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Speak to a board certified doctor, securely from your phone or computer and get psoriasis treatment online in 15 minutes. Our doctors can diagnose and treat psoriasis, including writing prescriptions for any necessary medication.

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Get Psoriasis Treatment Online With PlushCare

With our same day psoriasis treatment service, you can meet with a top online doctor, get diagnosed and receive the treatment you need. Our doctors can diagnose your condition and prescribe the appropriate treatment plan. 

Psoriasis is a lifelong skin condition typically affecting adults. Psoriasis is thought to be an autoimmune condition, but the exact cause is unknown. It is very treatable with a variety of medications that can be prescribed by a doctor.

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PlushCare maintains a 97% patient satisfaction rating. You can speak with a top doctor from your phone or computer, get diagnosed and prescribed medication for psoriasis in 15 minutes. PlushCare only employs doctors who are graduates of top 50 U.S. medical schools. We’re really proud of the care we offer.


What are the symptoms of psoriasis?

Psoriasis primarily causes a particular skin rash. The rash appears as red, scaly, thickened skin and typically occurs over the elbows, knees, and back. There are a number of other subtypes of psoriasis that can have varying symptoms which can include pus filled blisters, fingernail problems, and joint pain.

How is psoriasis treated?

For mild cases, using moistening lotions and emollients can help. For flares of symptoms, steroid creams are available that can reduce symptoms, but shouldn’t be used over the long term. Various other topical medications including coal tar, anthralin and derivations of vitamin A and D have some benefit treating psoriasis. Book a video appointment with a PlushCare doctor for an official diagnosis and treatment plan.

Will the doctor be able to write me a psoriasis prescription?

Assuming our doctors deem it necessary to prescribe you psoriasis medication, they will electronically send your prescription to your local pharmacy as soon as your appointment is over, ensuring that you get prompt and efficient treatment. 

If your psoriasis is severe, a PlushCare doctor may recommend taking a pill or having injections of medications to control the symptoms. Methotrexate, vitamin A derivatives, and immune system suppressing drugs can be used to combat the condition but come with side effects that can be quite severe.

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