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About Amitriptyline

Amitriptyline is a type of medicine called a tricyclic antidepressant, which increases serotonin levels in your brain and helps elevate mood.

Although its main function is to serve as an antidepressant, it can also be used to treat conditions like migraine, sleep problems (insomnia), and nerve pain. Amitriptyline is available only by prescription. It is available in a generic formulation and under different brand names. The most common brand that manufactures this medicine is Elavil (Discontinued by FDA in 2000). Some other common brand names for this medicine are Endep and Vanatrip. 

Note: As with a number of other antidepressants including Prozac (fluoxetine) and Celexa (citalopram) FDA has issued a black box warning regarding the use of amitriptyline in adolescents and young adults (ages less than 24 years) due to increased risk of suicidal ideation and behavior. It’s especially important to review these medicines with one of our board-certified primary care physicians in these cases. 

Amitriptyline comes in two forms:

  • Liquid

  • Tablet

It's essential to always follow specific directions labeled on your prescription. They can change depending on the formulation and amount that you are given.

Amitriptyline uses

Although there is one FDA-approved use for Amitriptyline, it may also be used off-label to treat other conditions. This means that there is adequate evidence to say it is safe and effective for treatments other than the one approved by the FDA. Our primary care physicians may prescribe it for any of the following common reasons. It’s also possible that your healthcare provider may prescribe it for other reasons not listed here. Ask your online doctor or your pharmacist, if you have questions about why a medication is prescribed.

  • Use For Depression

    FDA approves Amitriptyline for treating depression. It can be given to patients suffering from major depressive disorder and other types of depressive episodes. 

  • Use For Migraine 

    Amitriptyline is sometimes used to treat migraines, specifically taken nightly to prevent migraines from happening. However, this is not approved by FDA.

  • Use For Chronic Pain 

    Amitryptiline is effective and safe in certain cases of nerve pain (neuralgia), back pain, and other chronic pain conditions. 

Amitriptyline side effects

The side effects associated with taking Amitriptyline range from mild to severe. 

Amitriptyline side effects vary from patient to patient and medical condition. Like many other prescriptions, there is a long list of side effects but most patients do not experience any. Nevertheless, it’s important to follow up with your doctor right away if you notice any side effects. 

Do not give your medicine to anyone else. If you have any questions about refilling your prescription, please don't hesitate to ask the pharmacist.

It’s important to keep a written record of all medications you take, as well as any vitamins, nutritional supplements, and minerals. You should carry this information with you whenever you go to the doctor or are admitted to the hospital. It is also crucial to have this information on hand in an emergency. 

  • Common Side Effects

  • Less Common Adverse Reactions

    • Yellow skin or eyes

    • Blurred vision

    • Serious allergic reaction

    • Chest pain

    • Seizures 

    • Hallucination

    • Bleeding 

    You should call your doctor if you notice any of these side effects or develop any other new or concerning symptoms, but also be reassured that most patients taking amitryptline report no significant adverse effects.

    Suddenly stopping amitriptyline hydrochloride is known to cause withdrawal symptoms in some patients, so if or when you feel it’s time to stop the medicine, be sure to talk to your doctor first.

How to take Amitriptyline

Your pharmacist will provide you with instructions on how to take your Amitriptyline prescription.

Read your prescription label and follow the instructions before taking Amitriptyline. Call your doctor or pharmacy if you have any questions.

Amitriptyline can come in different forms and doses, so follow the specific instructions on your prescription.

Dose For Adults

For adults with depression, 75 mg of divided doses is usually given daily when starting. Depending on the seriousness, the doctor may recommend increasing the amount gradually to the maximum dose of 150 mg daily. Stay under 150 mg in a day. A bedtime dose is typically suggested to help patients sleep better.

Elderly patients should be given low doses of amitriptyline hydrochloride in the beginning, and closely monitored for any side effects as they can be more common than in younger patients.

Note: Along with other antidepressants, the FDA issued a black box warning regarding the use of amitriptyline in adolescents and young adults (ages less than 24 years) due to increased risk of suicidal ideation and behavior.

How long will I need to be on Amitryptiline? 

How long you’re on amitryptiline depends on the condition it’s treating, how well you respond, and other sources of treatment that can supplement your healing. Talk to your doctor about an expected timeline of use and follow up with them regularly to discuss progress.

What to avoid while taking Amitriptyline

Amitriptyline has 670 drug interactions. Don’t change what you take without checking with your doctor or pharmacist. That includes other medications or supplements, as well as over-the-counter drugs. 

While certain medications should never be combined, other drugs may be given together in some circumstances. A doctor might need to adjust the dosage, or other safety measures could be required depending on the patient's clinical response.

Be sure to tell your doctor about all medications you take, including vitamins, supplements, and over-the-counter medications. Certain medications can cause potentially severe interactions with amitriptyline. Be especially sure to tell your doctor if you take any of the following:

  • Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs)

  • Quinidine

  • Sertraline, fluoxetine, and paroxetine

  • NSAIDs

  • Arbutamine

  • Neuroleptic drugs

  • Disulfiram

  • Blood thinners

  • Anticholinergic drugs

  • Thyroid supplements

  • Certain drugs for high blood pressure

  • Topiramate

  • Antiplatelet drugs

  • Cimetidine

  • Medicines treating irritable bowel syndrome

The above list is not the complete list of medicines that can cause harmful effects if interacted with Amitriptyline, so always review your medication list with your doctor prior to starting. 

Alcohol With Amitriptyline

It is not recommended to drink alcohol while taking amitriptyline therapy. Both function as depressants, can cause intense drowsiness, and may even cause some patients to lose consciousness.

Medication alternatives to Amitriptyline

Suppose your healthcare provider prefers to put you on another treatment altogether. In that case, they may suggest another tricyclic antidepressant, such as doxepin, or an antidepressant therapy with medication in another drug class, such as Serotonin–norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs). Here are some common doctor-recommended alternatives based on your health issue:

Amitriptyline prescription FAQs

  • How much does Amitriptyline medication cost?

    Amitriptyline 25 mg costs roughly $13 for a supply of 30 pills without insurance. It varies from pharmacy to pharmacy and depends on your insurance coverage, if you have it. 

  • Can You Buy Amitriptyline Online?

    You can request a prescription for Amitriptyline during an online medical evaluation with a licensed doctor. At PlushCare, you can book an online appointment with one of our experienced primary care doctors. They’ll listen to your symptoms, review your medical history, and current medications to decide if Amitriptyline may be right for you. If the doctor determines that you could benefit from amitriptyline, they will electronically send the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. 

  • How can I refill my Amitriptyline prescription?

    You can consult a doctor online or visit a doctor near you. It’s important to follow up as directed by your doctor after your first visit.

  • Who should not take Amitriptyline?

    Amitriptyline is not appropriate for everyone. You should always tell your doctor about your medical history and any conditions you may have before taking amitriptyline, especially:

    • Diabetes

    • Trouble breathing

    • Rare blood disorder - porphyria

    • Overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism)

    • Urinary retention

    • Impaired liver function

    • Recent heart attack

    • Personal or family history of other mental illnesses (e.g. bipolar disorder)

    • Seizures

    • Family history of suicide

    • Pregnant women

  • When should you not take Amitriptyline?

    You should not be taking Amitriptyline too late into the night. Amitriptyline takes about 10 - 28 hours to leave your system. If you take it too late (after 8 pm), you can still feel sleepy the following day and disrupt your sleep routine.

  • Why should you not take Amitriptyline after 8 pm?

    Amitriptyline takes about 10 - 28 hours to leave your system. If you take it too late (after 8 pm), you can still feel sleepy the following day and disrupt your sleep routine.

  • What happens when you start taking Amitriptyline?

    Amitriptyline makes your brain release a serotonin chemical that will improve your mood, leading to a more positive life outlook. Other actions may help relieve pain, or help you sleep better.

  • What happens if I miss a dose of Amitriptyline?

    If you miss a dose of Amitriptyline, take it as soon as you remember. However, if it is close to your next dose, skip the missed dose and follow the regular dosing schedule. Avoid double doses.

  • What happens if I take too much Amitriptyline?

    Too much Amitriptyline (overdose) can result in tricyclic antidepressant poisoning with significant adverse effects such as irregular heartbeat, convulsions, or fits. Talk to your doctor immediately and/or call the local poison control center for help.

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