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Weight Management With PlushCare

PlushCare’s weight management program is physician-developed and supervised by a double-board certified Obesity Medicine specialist. Obesity is treatable with support from a medical team. Research shows that even a small amount of weight loss (5-10%) can greatly improve the way you feel.

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What is PlushCare’s Weight Management Program?

Top features of our program include:

🔹 Medically Based

🔹 Clinical Evaluation

🔹 Lifestyle Support

🔹 Medications

How Will the Program Help Me Manage My Weight?

We’ll focus on understanding your weight-related health history, to discover underlying causes of weight gain and/or resistance to weight loss. Short and long-term goals are considered in crafting your lifestyle plan, with all the support you may need.


Where is the best place to start for weight management?

If change feels overwhelming or difficult, start small! A goal to stop drinking soda for example, or changing one meal per day or even one meal per week is a great way to ease in.  Talk to us about what changes feel doable for you.  There is no ‘one right way’ to begin to make changes.

How should I deal with food cravings as I change my diet?

It’s important to know that cravings are a product of what we’ve been feeding our body all along.  Meaning:  if your body is used to eating fast food, pathways to crave fast foods will get set up in your brain and body.  Over time, these cravings will diminish as you change your eating.  If cravings become overwhelming and make it difficult to even make small changes, we can prescribe weight loss medications which may help, if you qualify.

Is it important to keep a food journal or diary?

Journaling what you eat via a notebook or app can be a great idea for the following reasons: (1) increases your  mindfulness and awareness of what you eat; (2) helps you troubleshoot any problems or concerns with your doctor; (3) increases accountability; (4) helps you learn more about nutrition; and (5) helps you learn about how what you eat affects you physically and emotionally.

I am a vegetarian/vegan. Is it possible to lose weight in your program?

Yes, absolutely! Your physician can help you to ensure you are including the right amount of foods in your diet for your needs and activity levels.

How long will I need to diet?

The goal here is for you not to think about this approach as a ‘diet,’ but rather a long-term approach to gradually change your eating.  The ‘diet mentality’ of starvation followed by binging has never been shown to help us achieve better health, plus it creates a tremendous amount of frustration.  Will there be days when you indulge?  Yes, absolutely, one meal or treat does not make or break your success with lifestyle changes. Far more important to your health are consistent, long-term changes.  

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