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About Lotrimin 

Lotrimin is considered an antifungal imidazole, which inhibits the growth of fungi on the skin. Like any antifungal medication, this medication can only be used for fungal infections. It is ineffective against bacterial infections because it will not affect bacteria.

Some conditions that Lotrimin is known to treat include athlete's foot, ringworm, pityriasis, and jock itch. Lotrimin is available over the counter, but some forms of the drug require a prescription. It is available in a generic formulation under different brand names, including clotrimazole. 

Lotrimin may be prescribed as a cream, powder, or spray. It’s always important to follow the specific instructions on your prescription, as they can vary based on the formulation and dosage you are prescribed.

If you are prescribed Lotrimin, complete the entire course of the antifungal medication unless your doctor specifically tells you to stop.

The antifungal drug may not fully treat fungal infections if you don't complete your prescription. 

There are multiple topical dosage forms that a healthcare professional can provide. Doctors can provide medical advice about side effects, but most people tolerate the use of the medication well. It is generally used in adults. A healthcare professional will first conduct tests to help in determining infant risk if the medication is prescribed for a child.

Lotrimin uses

There are several FDA-approved uses for Lotrimin, but it may also be used off-label to treat other conditions. Your online medical professional may prescribe it for any of the following common reasons. It’s also possible that your healthcare provider may prescribe it for other reasons not listed here. If you have questions about why a medication is prescribed, ask your online doctor or pharmacist.

  • Fungal infections

    This medication is used to treat fungus infections. It can be used in adults as well as several other age groups. It comes as topical preparation and should not be used for internal fungal infections. Proper use can help to eliminate the fungal infection. There are different types of fungal infections that healthcare professionals may choose to treat with this medication. The doctor may also provide medical attention in the form of this medication if a skin rash is associated with a fungal infection. Some examples include:

  • Pityriasis

    In some instances, this antifungal medicine may provide potential benefits for people who have pityriasis. This condition is also known as tinea versicolor. It is a type of fungal infection that affects surrounding skin areas. The symptoms being with a discoloration of the skin. The skin may become either darker or lighter. When a clotrimazole solution treats pityriasis, the doctor tells you to only apply the medication to the affected area.

Lotrimin side effects

  • The side effects associated with taking Lotrimin are typically mild. Most Lotrimin side effects are associated with the area where the ointment or powder is applied. Lotrimin has some common side effects. They may include:

    • Irritation at the site of the application

    • Swelling of the skin

    • A burning sensation on the skin

    • Blisters

    • Crusting of the skin

    Following a regular dosing schedule according to the doctor's prescription can help to minimize the risk of serious side effects. It is also important to avoid the use of outdated medicine that contains a clotrimazole solution.

    Other side effects, which are less common but might be more severe, could include:

    • Allergic reaction: Even though very rare, there have been cases of allergic reactions in patients who use clotrimazole. Symptoms begin with a skin rash and hives. Itchiness and redness may also develop on the skin. Some patients may feel a tightness in their chest, breathing difficulties, trouble swallowing, and potential risks of swelling in the face.

    Patients who have experienced allergic reactions to antifungal medications in the past have an increased risk of being allergic to this drug.

    You should call your doctor if you notice any of these side effects or if you develop any other new or concerning symptoms.

How to take Lotrimin

Your pharmacist will provide you with instructions on how to take your Lotrimin prescription.

Be sure to read your prescription label and follow the instructions. Call your doctor or pharmacy if you have any questions.

Lotrimin can come in different forms and doses, so be sure to follow the specific instructions on your prescription. You may need to apply the medication multiple times a day. Read the package ingredients carefully to ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. The package insert also provides details for the proper use and the ideal frequency.

Do not use too much medication at once. Follow the average doses provided by your healthcare professional. This can significantly reduce the risk of unwanted effects.

It is also important to continue using the medication for the entire duration of the doctor's prescription. This includes cases where you find that the signs of the fungal infection improve. If you do not, certain effects occur that can cause the fungal infection to come back.

What to avoid while taking Lotrimin

Lotrimin may cause certain drug interactions. Don’t change what you are taking without checking with your doctor or pharmacist. That includes other medications or supplements, as well as over-the-counter drugs. 

It is important to tell your doctor if you are allergic to clotrimazole when taking Lotrimin. The drug information insert also contains a full list of ingredients. Use this to ensure there are no following interactions after you apply the medication. Consider the inactive ingredients too, when determining if you might experience adverse reactions. Other precautions to consider include the fact that the medication does not work for fungus infections on your nails or your scalp.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist if it is acceptable to consume alcohol while taking Lotrimin.

Some research shows that regular alcohol consumption may interfere with the immune system's ability to function properly. If you drink alcohol, both nonprescription products and prescription medications may not work as expected. This may occur with clotrimazole topical treatments too.

Medication alternatives to Lotrimin

If your healthcare provider prefers to put you on another treatment, they may suggest another antifungal medication in another drug class. Here are some common doctor-recommended alternatives based on your health issue:

  • Internal fungal infections

    Clotrimazole is not the best treatment for cases where the patient has an internal fungus infection. This medical problem generally requires another type of antifungal drug that is taken orally. The specific medicine depends on the fungal infection type and the affected internal area. The medicines listed below are sometimes used to treat an internal infection caused by fungus.

    • Nystatin

    • Amphotericin-B (AmB)

Lotrimin prescription FAQs

  • How much does Lotrimin cost?

    Lotrimin comes in various types of effective doses and dosage forms. There are sprays, creams, and powder options available. Even when prescribed only the average doses, you may still find variations in the price when looking at different forms of the medicine.

  • How can I refill my Lotrimin prescription?

    Certain medicines, such as Lotrimin, are used for the short-term treatment of infections. This is why you will usually only get a single prescription with no repeats. Simply hand the prescription in at a local pharmacy to pick up your medicine.

  • How long can you use Lotrimin?

    The ideal usage time is sometimes not the same for different patients. If you do not see potential significance in the symptoms, tell your doctor. They may decide to switch you to a different medicine to treat the infection. In most cases, you will use the medicine for two to four weeks.

  • How many times a day can you use Lotrimin?

    Do not use Lotrimin more than what your health care provider recommends. In most cases, you will be required to use it two times every day.

  • Is Lotrimin supposed to burn when applied?

    Burning can sometimes be a sign of an unusual or allergic reaction. You can ask your doctor for medical advice if this happens. The burning should subside on the affected area in a short while if it is not related to an allergic reaction.

  • Who should not take Lotrimin?

    Do not take Lotrimin if you are allergic to clotrimazole. You should also not use this medication to treat internal fungal infections.

  • What happens if I miss a dose of Lotrimin?

    A missed dose is usually easy to remedy, but you should still ask your doctor for medical advice if you are not sure. Apply the formula once you remember about the missed dose. Do not apply two doses too close to each other.

  • What happens if you use too much Lotrimin?

    An overdose of this medication can produce serious adverse effects. You need to call a poison control center if you apply too much in a short period of time and experience side effects.

  • Can I get clotrimazole over the counter?

    While clotrimazole is available over-the-counter to treat yeast infections, seeing a doctor will help make sure you get the right treatment. Similar symptoms can occur with other vaginal conditions. Our board-certified physicians are available 24/7 for online consultations. Appointments are available with and without health insurance, and we accept most major insurance plans. Talking to a doctor goes beyond a quick fix. A qualified physician can identify the underlying cause for faster relief. This personalized approach gets you feeling better and avoids potential complications.

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