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Speak to a board certified doctor, securely from your phone or computer and get flu treatment in 15 minutes. Tamiflu is extremely effective at shortening the length of recovery and reducing flu symptoms. Our doctors also write refills on existing medications.

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If you’ve got the flu you can get treated online with PlushCare. Our board certified doctors are able to diagnose and treat the flu during an online consultation. In addition to symptom management advice, our doctors commonly prescribe Tamiflu to flu patients.

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PlushCare maintains a 97% patient satisfaction rating. You can speak with a top doctor from your phone or computer, get diagnosed and prescribed in 15 minutes. PlushCare only employs doctors who are graduates of top 50 U.S. medical schools. We’re really proud of the care we offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are symptoms of the flu?

Symptoms that could indicate the flu include: Cough, sore throat, stuffy or runny nose, body aches or chills, headache, fever, fatigue.

How long does the flu last?

For non-complicated flu cases symptoms usually last for 3-7 days. That said, some people report feeling ill for two weeks, even after their fever has subsided. It is possible for a cough to last for up to 8 weeks. Roughly 200,000 people a year require hospitalization for the flu.

Can the flu be treated with medicine?

Yes, as mentioned above Tamiflu is a prescription medication that can be used to treat the flu. Tamiflu has been shown to reduce flu symptoms and lead to a quicker recovery if taken within 48 hours of infection.

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