DoxyPEP for STI prevention available online

DoxyPEP serves as a preventive measure after potential exposure to syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea in men who have sex with men and transgender women. It functions similarly to a morning-after pill but is designed for bacterial STIs. Take a single dose following a sexual encounter without a condom to significantly decrease the likelihood of acquiring bacterial STIs.*

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Minimize the amount of antibiotics used for STI treatment

Reduce risk of syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia

Can be taken up to 72 hours after an encounter

*Prescriptions are provided at the doctor’s discretion. Always consult your doctor for personalized medical advice. Currently, DoxyPEP is only recommended for MSM (men who have sex with men) and transgender women.4 Learn more about our controlled substances policy and how to save up to 80% with our prescription discount card.

What is DoxyPEP, and how does it work?

DoxyPEP refers to doxycycline taken as a post-exposure prophylaxis treatment, meaning it can be taken after an incidence of unprotected sex to prevent STIs.

  • Prompt action: DoxyPEP can be taken within 72 hours after a sexual encounter.

  • Proactive protection: It acts as a post-exposure defense against common STIs, reducing risks associated with unprotected encounters.

  • Clinically effective: DoxyPEP was shown to reduce the incidence of syphilis by 87%, chlamydia by 88%, and gonorrhea by 55% in patients taking HIV PrEP.6

DoxyPEP side effects

  • DoxyPEP (doxycycline) may cause side effects in some patients. Side effects can include:

    Note that this is not a complete list. Contact your doctor if you experience any unusual or severe side effects.

How to take DoxyPEP

Your doctor will guide you through how to take DoxyPEP. General instructions may include:

  • Take with food: To reduce the risk of an upset stomach, take DoxyPEP with a meal

  • Avoid dairy: Calcium in dairy products can bind to DoxyPEP, reducing its effectiveness

  • Stay upright: After taking DoxyPEP, stay upright for at least 30 minutes to prevent irritation in your throat

  • Drug interactions: DoxyPEP can interact with certain medications like antacids, anticoagulants, and birth control pills. Discuss all medications you are taking with your doctor.


  • Will taking DoxyPEP increase my chances of antibiotic resistance?

    Frequent or overuse of antibiotics, including doxycycline, can lead to antibiotic resistance. However, the likelihood of this happening after one dose of DoxyPEP is low. It may be beneficial to take DoxyPEP if you are having unprotected sex to lower your chances of getting antibiotic resistance. This is because the antibiotics used to treat STIs are broad-spectrum and more likely to cause antibiotic resistance. Always take your medication as prescribed and complete the entire course of antibiotics, even if you feel better.

  • Can DoxyPEP be taken with emergency contraception?

    While DoxyPEP and emergency contraceptives may be taken together, it's crucial to discuss questions related to your medication intake with your doctor, since doxycycline can reduce the effectiveness of some birth control pills.

  • Who can take DoxyPEP?

    DoxyPEP offers post-exposure protection for potential STIs, exclusively for MSM and transgender women. However, consultation with a physician is essential before starting any treatment.

  • How much does DoxyPEP cost?

    The cost of doxycycline can vary based on the dosage, brand vs. generic, where it's purchased, and whether the patient has health insurance.

    The generic form of doxycycline is usually less expensive than the brand-name versions. For generic doxycycline hyclate, the cost can be as low as $4 for two tablets, depending on where it's purchased. Many insurance plans may also cover the cost of doxycycline if prescribed for an approved use. With insurance, the copay might be substantially lower.

How to get DoxyPEP online

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Pick up your DoxyPEP.

We can send prescriptions to any local pharmacy. Medications are provided at the doctor’s discretion.

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