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Top Bloggers to Get You Through Cold and Flu Season

Over the past decade or so, blogging has become a favored platform for physicians to connect with their peers, patients, and the world around them. These blogs have become an excellent place for them to provide medical information to a broad scope of people and share their experiences and insights into the medical system. They are particularly helpful when trying to understand the way doctor’s interact with sick people. With information on everything from when to get vaccinated to when to go to the hospital, these blogs have got you covered. Going into this cold and flu season, these blogs will give you the tools you need to navigate the medical system and get the treatment that you need. If you would like to tell us about a blog that we missed, please feel free to nominate them by emailing [email protected]!

1. Andrew Weil, M.D.

Looking for a holistic MD to fight this cold and flu season? Dr. Andrew Weil has got you covered. Dr. Weil is a world-renowned leader and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine. He has taken a “healing-oriented approach” to health which involves healing the body, mind, and spirit. Dr. Weil’s lifetime focus has been integrative medicine and prevention, and his blog seeks to expand his audience and continue to promote preventive health. His blog features a Health & Wellness section, a Diet & Nutrition section, a Vitamins, Supplements & Herbs section and an Ask Dr. Weil page. The Health & Wellness page focuses on health issues and how you can treat/address the causes of those issues. In fact, the section features a whole sub-section on treating Cold & Flu symptoms. Some of the headlines you might find in this section include “Alternatives to Kids’ Cold Medicines,” “Can Onions Fight Flu?” and “Choosing a Flu Vaccine?” Between this page and his Diet & Nutrition and Vitamins, Supplements & Herbs page, Dr. Weil really does provide everything you might need to know about treating your cold or flu this winter season. (

2. DocThinx

Run by Dr. Suneel Dhand, DocThinx seeks to highlight some of the challenges and problems we face in healthcare and provide insight and observations from the perspective of a frontline doctor. Dr. Dhand believes in practicing good and thorough bedside medicine, maintaining good communication, spending more time with patients, minimizing bureaucracy, and focusing on prevention rather than cures. He provides a 10-point common sense manifesto for frontline healthcare in accordance with these beliefs. He also provides a similar manifesto for using healthcare information technology. Some of the most recent headlines you might find on DocThinx include “Dear Hospital Administrations, Please Respect and Reward your Amazing Nurses,” and “5 Ways Healthcare IT can Impede Good Communication & Patient Safety, and What We Can Do About It.” In dealing with this cold and flu season, it might be helpful to peak into the world of your doctor and understand why the system functions the way it does (and what you can do to advocate for yourself in that setting). DocThinx is absolutely the place to go for this insight. Dr. Dhand does an excellent job of explaining both the medical setting as he sees it and what that means for the patients he sees. (

3. Dr. Pierre’s Blog

Run by Dr. Berry Pierre, Dr. Pierre’s Blog focuses on promoting health through direct primary care. Dr. Pierre is a board certified Internal Medicine Physician who serves as the Internal Medicine Residency Program Director and Director of Medical Education for Wellington Regional Hospital Center. His blog has three main categories: Medical Spotlights, Health Coaching, and Personal and Opinion Stories. The Medical Spotlights section focuses on educating readers on medical disorders in the simplest way possible, featuring articles ranging from topics like 10 Warning Signs of Depression to 45 Examples of Minorities Suffering from Health Disparities. Dr. Pierre does an excellent job of explaining disorders clearly and succinctly for his readers. The Health Coaching page focuses on a whole host of different issues that patients might face in navigating their healthcare. Some of the issues Dr. Pierre touches on include True Life: My Doctor Isn’t On Social Media and Why Telling Young Boys to Man Up Can Make Them Terrible Men. Lastly, the Personal and Opinion stories page allows Dr. Pierre to discuss his experiences interacting with the medical system as a doctor and a leader – his topics range from 5 Things I learned When I Became A Podcaster to his view on mental health and its relationship to religion. Dr. Pierre’s Blog is a great place to get advice and hear a doctor’s perspective on all-things medicine! (

4. Kevin MD

Founded by Dr. Kevin Pho, Kevin MD has blossomed into a platform for primary care doctors, surgeons, specialist physicians, nurses, medical students, and policy experts to voice their opinions on current medical trends and issues. Interestingly, the platform also serves as a venue for patients to write about their experiences, with the hopes that this will allow patients to better communicate their needs to the medical community. Kevin MD features several pages: Physician, Policy, Finance, Conditions, Medical Education, Technology, Social, Medications, Patients, Videos, and Kevin’s Take. The Physician page offers stories and helpful ideas written by physicians, for physicians, to help broaden their scope and improve their care. You can find articles on health policy, finances, education, and technology as well as articles that look at the ways in which social media is affecting the medical landscape. Lastly, the Conditions page looks at various conditions and epidemics, and how the medical community is handling or could be handling them. This is the place to go for all things cold and flu related. Kevin MD is a great all-encompassing resource for your medical needs this season. (

5. Dr. Linda MD

As her blog’s tagline states, Dr. Linda Girgis is “just a family doctor speaking up from the frontlines of medicine.” She seeks to educate people on all-things medicine and uses her unique, physician-oriented perspective to do so. Dr. Girgis has received numerous accolades for her work in medicine, including Top Innovator in Healthcare (2006), Patients Choice Award (2011-2012), Compassionate Doctor Recognition (2011-2012), Bridges to Excellence Recognition (2012-2015), and the NCQA Physician Practice Connections (2012-2015). She blogs regularly for Physician’s Weekly and Medical Practice Insider, and uses her personal blog to keep her readers up to date on medical practice, policy, and trends. One of the more unique features of Dr. Linda’s blog is her focus on health policy issues. Some of her most recent policy headlines include “How Politicians are Failing to Address the Real Problems in Healthcare” and “The Graham-Cassidy Bill: Another Doomed Health Reform Law.” To help you prepare for this flu season, Dr. Girgis provides articles on what a flu shot entails, why it is beneficial, and explanations on why it is completely safe. Dr. Girgis’s expertise and lengthy experience working in medicine make her blog an excellent place to go when looking to combat this years flu and cold season. (

6. Dr. Barnard’s Blog

If you’re interested in plant-based living and preventive healthcare, this is the doctor’s blog for you. A world-class physician and pioneer in the medical field, Dr. Neal Barnard seeks to create a more preventive based healthcare system by using the thing most near and dear to our hearts: food! Dr. Barnard founded his non-profit organization Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in pursuit of this goal and has authored numerous books to further his causes. He writes his blog to continue expanding this reach, and is all about preventing illness with a healthy, plant-based diet. Some of the most recent headlines you might find include “‘Eat This,’ Not That to Defeat Type 2 Diabetes,” and “Stop Sugarcoating Obesity’s Leading Causes.” He also features advice on how to prepare for cold and flu season so that you can avoid getting sick all together in an article entitled “Just Because the Weather’s Getting Cold, Doesn’t Mean You Have To!” Dr. Barnard’s blog is a great place to go if you are looking to make a lifestyle change that will help you ward off illness in the years to come. (

7. Dr. Leslie Greenberg’s Blog

Dr. Leslie Greenberg is a family physician based in Reno, Nevada, who seeks to educate people on all things family medicine. From information on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) to podiatry, Dr. Greenberg has created a comprehensive explanation for everything you might need to know about your health. Having worked in family medicine for over 20 years, she is an expert in the field. Some of her most recent article headlines include things like “‘Pajama time’ finishing clinic notes? How does your doctor finish their day?” and “Wear Condoms! 2016 was an all-time-high year for sexually transmitted diseases.” And this cold and flu season, Dr. Greenberg has provided updates on the status of vaccinations for all types of people with all types of different backgrounds. She advises on getting flu vaccines when you have heart disease, when to get your vaccine for your kids (and when you should not), whether the nasal flu vaccine is effective, and more. She also has advice and helpful tips on treating your common cold. She debunks treatment myths and provides helpful, science-backed alternatives to help you combat any illness you might encounter. (

8. DB’s Medical Rants

Run by Dr. Robert M. Centor, who notes that DB stands for both Dr. Bob and “da boss,” DB’s Medical Rants is the perfect place to go for a dose of humor with your medical information. Dr. Bob informs both physicians and patients with his witty “ranting” style of writing. His blog features his own opinions regarding the medical system, as well as a page of useful web articles, a page for medscape cases and a page of his own media recommendations. The web articles page includes links to Dr. Bob’s opinion editorial articles, which have been featured in a number of publication including Medscape, USA Today, and more. The Medscape Cases page features interesting medical cases that are meant to spark discussion among doctors. For this cold and flu season, Dr. Bob is a great resource for making sure that you are getting the proper care that you need. He has articles on what types of the Flu are actually a threat, when to get your vaccinations, and how the flu might affect one’s emotional stability. He also has useful articles on treatment of the common cold and respiratory infections for when you’re not quite sure what to do or what kind of medications you should be seeking. From understanding whether you need antibiotics to learning more about your physician’s day-to-day experience, Dr. Bob is a great resource for navigating the medical system and making sure you get the treatment you need. (

9. Retired Doc’s Thoughts

Retired Doc’s Thoughts is run by Dr. James Gaulte, an internal medicine and pulmonary disease doctor. Dr. Gaulte seeks to continue pushing for a better medical system by using his retirement to reflect and tell his story. Some of the headlines you might see on his page include “FDA offers recipe for proper mixing of aspirin and ibuprofen” and “Will 2-3 hours of aerobic exercise keep your heart from getting stiff?” Dr. Gaulte does an excellent job of sharing his views whilst also tracking the changes that have occured in the field following his retirement. He also offers comprehensive explanations of medical issues and their treatment options, particularly when new treatment options emerge. For the Flu, he has an article entitled “What do we really know about Tamiflu and flu?” If you’re looking to hear the perspective of a veteran in the field, Retired Doc’s Thoughts is definitely a great place for you to start. (