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How To Get An Antidepressant Refill

Depression is one of the most common mental health issues in America. 15% of Americans will experience depression at some point in life, and 6.7 percent of adults in the country have experienced a depressive episode within the past year. Despite how common it is, only a third of the newly diagnosed seek treatment.

Reasons for not seeking treatment include:

  • Social stigma
  • Confidentiality concerns
  • Health costs
  • Feeling too busy
  • Treatment center too far away

Do I need to see a psychiatrist to get an antidepressant prescription or refill?

No, you do not. Up to 80% of antidepressants are actually prescribed by primary care doctors, not psychiatrists. With this in mind, getting a refill of antidepressants will not require attention from a specialist. Any primary care physician or family doctor will be able to properly assess your condition and determine if you need a refill, medication change or adjustment to your current dose.

For those concerned with privacy and convenience, telemedicine platforms like PlushCare have made the process of getting antidepressant refills easy and confidential. Antidepressant treatment, including prescription refills, are available online through a consultation with a top-trained online physician. No office visit required.

If you use your employer’s health plan to obtain antidepressants, your information will be kept confidential regardless of how it’s prescribed. It is against the law for healthcare providers or insurance companies to inform your employer if you are receiving mental health services.

How do I get an antidepressant refill?

Call your pharmacy 1-2 weeks before you run out of your prescription. They will be able to tell you if you are able to get a refill or if you are in need of a renewal. Most prescription medications are not authorized for more than one year of refills without requiring a renewal of your prescription from a physician. Your pharmacy will be able to request a renewal from your doctor if necessary. From there, an additional office visit with your doctor will likely be required in order for you to renew your prescription for antidepressants.

To make this process easier on yourself, it’s always a good idea to keep your last bottle of antidepressants on you, as it shows your most recent prescription number, expiration date, how many refills you have remaining, and dosage information.

Where can I get an antidepressant refill?

At your pharmacy

By going to the pharmacy where you first got your prescription, you can request a refill which may be ready the same day, or require the pharmacist to check with the doctor who originally prescribed it to you.

By phone

Call the pharmacy listed on your medication label and order in your refill at any time of day. Larger pharmacies will have automated menus allowing you to order your refill this way. If it’s a smaller pharmacy, you may need to call during operating hours to speak with a pharmacist directly. Having a prescription refill app may allow you to skip this step entirely.

Online physician

You can also schedule an appointment with an online doctor via a telemedicine platform such as PlushCare to discuss antidepressant renewals or refills. Your doctor will have your prescription refill delivered to a pharmacy of your choice.

By Mail

You may also be able to get antidepressant refills by mail, as depression is a condition requiring daily treatment to manage. Depending on your health plan, you may be able to get your medication in 1-3 month batches at a time, but you need to discuss with your doctor first. Keep in mind that ordering by mail requires some planning, as it could take up to two weeks for your order to arrive.

Whether you choose to seek a refill online or in person, a doctor will ask questions about your symptoms to provide you with the best treatment. Contact a doctor if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Self-loathing and dwelling on failures
  • Prolonged periods of sadness that don’t go away
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Overeating or loss of appetite
  • Difficulty thinking or concentrating
  • Mysterious aches and pains
  • Thoughts of death or suicide

If you and your doctor decide that it’s best for you to change medications or doses, your doctor will likely want to follow up with you at least monthly, if not more frequently, to ensure you are adjusting well to the treatment.

If you’d like to get an antidepressant refill online, book an appointment with a top-trained physician at PlushCare or call (888)788-8719 to make a phone or video appointment. Your doctor will answer any questions you have, provide a diagnosis, and have your antidepressant refills electronically sent to the pharmacy of your choice. Appointments usually last 10-15 minutes, allowing you to get a refill and get on with your day!

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