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Antibiotics for Pink Eye

Pink eye, also called conjunctivitis, is inflammation of the conjunctiva in your eyes. Conjunctiva is a membrane that covers the whites of your eyes and the inside part of your eyelids. Along with lacrimal glands, the conjunctiva lubricates the eyes and helps keep them clean.

When the conjunctiva is inflamed, it becomes red and causes the surrounding areas to become red as well, thereby earning the name "pink eye."

One of the main causes of pink eye is bacteria. When harmful bacteria get in the eye they cause an infection, the best treatment for bacterial conjunctivitis is antibiotics.

Bacterial conjunctivitis and some forms or parasitic conjunctivitis are the only types that can be treated with antibiotics.

Read on to learn more about antibiotics for pink eye.

Pink Eye Symptoms

The most prominent symptom of pink eye is redness in and around your eye. Besides this prominent symptom, you’ll notice:

  • Swollen conjunctiva
  • Blurred vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • Itchy or burning eyes
  • Yellow, green or white discharge from the eyes
  • Crusty eyes (especially in the morning)
  • More tears and a wet feeling around your eyes

You’ll have to see a doctor right away if you are suffering from these symptoms so you can get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. If you are diagnosed with bacterial conjunctivitis, antibiotics will be prescribed by your doctor.

You can make an online appointment here with a PlushCare doctor to discuss your symptoms and get proper medication, including antibiotics for pink eye. It is faster than going into your doctor’s office and your prescription can be sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice.

Who is at Risk for Pink Eye?

Pink eye is more likely to occur in children than adults simply because it is highly contagious and spreads easily in schools and daycare centers. The good news is, it typically does not damage vision, especially when treated immediately.

That said, pink eye is highly contagious and anyone who comes into contact with an infected person is at risk of contracting it.

Diagnosis and Treatment With PlushCare

During your online video session with a PlushCare doctor you will describe your symptoms and medical history. Based on this the doctor will diagnose your condition and prescribe proper medication. In the case of bacterial conjunctivitis the doctor will send an antibiotic prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.

In cases where it is unclear which type of conjunctivitis the patient is suffering from, the doctor will order lab tests. Your results will be sent electronically back to your doctor who will then diagnose and prescribe you medication.

If you’re dealing with conjunctivitis reach out to a PlushCare doctor today and get diagnosed and prescribed medication so you can start to feel better again, it’s fast easy and affordable.

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