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About Errin birth control

Errin is considered a progestin-only oral contraceptive (mini pill), which thickens cervical mucous to prevent sperm from entering, and may also suppress ovulation . Like other mini pills and other forms of hormonal contraception, Errin does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases or infections.

Errin is used to prevent pregnancy and is available only by prescription. It is available in a generic formulation as norethisterone, as well as under different brand names.

Errin may be prescribed as an oral tablet. It’s always important to follow the specific instructions on your prescription, as they can vary based on the formulation and dosage prescribed.

If you're prescribed Errin, be sure to take it daily at the same time each day unless you no longer want contraception or your doctor tells you specifically to stop. If you don’t, the birth control pills will not work as effectively to prevent pregnancy. 

Errin birth control uses

There several FDA-approved uses for Errin birth control pills; it may also be used off-label to treat other conditions. Your online doctor may prescribe it for any of the following common reasons. It’s also possible that your healthcare provider may prescribe it for other reasons not listed here. If you have questions about why a medication is prescribed, ask your online doctor or pharmacist.

  • Pregnancy prevention (birth control)

    Errin is FDA-approved to prevent pregnancy. It works by making vaginal mucus thicker and preventing fertilization - it blocks sperm from entering the uterus. Errin may also prevents ovulation during the menstrual cycle in some women but not all.

    Errin may also be prescribed to treat menstrual disorders, abnormal vaginal bleeding caused by a hormonal imbalance, and endometriosis in women interested in taking birth control pills.

Errin side effects

  • Errin birth control side effects

    The side effects associated with taking Errin contraceptive pills are typically mild. Most Errin side effects are associated with breakthrough bleeding. Common side effects of Errin may include:

    • Breakthrough bleeding or spotting

    • Breast tenderness or pain

    • Stomach pain, nausea, and bloating

    Other side effects, which are less common but might be more severe, could include:

    • Allergic reactions

    • Sudden vision loss

    • Signs of blood clots (shortness of breath, swelling, sudden or severe pain)

    • Mood changes

    • Weight changes

    Tell your doctor if you notice any of these side effects, or if you develop any other new or concerning symptoms. The use of Errin in children is not recommended before menarche.

How to take Errin contraceptive pills

Your doctor will provide you with instructions on how to take your Errin birth control prescription. Your pharmacist can also help with any questions about time of day to take it, and what or what not to take it with. Be sure to read your prescription label and follow the instructions. Call your doctor if you have any questions.

Errin can come in different forms and doses, so be sure to follow the specific instructions on your prescription. You should take your first birth control pill on the first day of your period or the first Sunday after your period begins. Backup contraception is necessary if you start taking Errin more than two days after the start of your period.

Remember, you'll need to use condoms to prevent most sexually transmitted diseases or infections. You should also use back-up birth control for 48 hours if you're unable to take a day's dose of Errin or even if you miss a dose by more than three hours.

If you take this medication for a menstrual disorder, you may only take the medication for 5–10 days. Vaginal bleeding will occur 3–7 days after your last birth control dose.

What to avoid while taking Errin (interactions)

Errin, like most other medicines, has some drug interactions. Review your medication list with your doctor prior to starting, and don’t change what you are taking without checking with your doctor first. That includes other medications or supplements, as well as over-the-counter drugs.  

Possible drug interactions with Errin include:

  • St. John's Wort

  • HIV/AIDs medicine

  • Seizure medications

  • Certain antibiotics and antifungal medications

  • Medicine used to treat tuberculosis

It is safe to drink alcohol while taking this medication. Talk to your doctor before consuming grapefruit or grapefruit juice. Grapefruit may increase the concentration of Errin in your body.

You should discontinue oral contraceptive therapy if you're pregnant or planning to become pregnant.

Contraceptive alternatives to Errin

If your healthcare provider suggests another form of birth control, they may suggest other progestin-only oral contraceptives or a combined oral contraceptive in another drug class. Here are some common doctor-recommended alternatives: 

  • Combined oral contraceptives: Yaz (drospirenone), NuvaRing, Ortho tri cyclen, Junel Fe, Lo Loestrin Fe 

    Progestin implant: Nexplanon 

    Hormonal IUDs: Mirena, Skyla, Kyleena 

    Non-hormonal IUD: Paragard copper IUD 

Errin prescription FAQs

  • How much does Errin cost?

    Depending on your pharmacy, Errin (0.35 mg) costs around $43 for 84 tablets without insurance. Fortunately, many health insurance plans offer free or low-cost oral contraceptives. If you are paying without insurance, our prescription discount card can help you save up to 80% on prescriptions.

  • How can I refill my Errin prescription?

    To refill your Errin prescription, book a virtual appointment with one of our top rated board-certified primary care doctors. After reviewing your medical history, your doctor can send an electronic prescription to your local pharmacy if appropriate.

  • Who should not take Errin?

    To make sure progestin-only hormonal contraceptives are safe for you, tell your doctor if you have: 

    • Known or suspected pregnancy 

    • Known or suspected breast cancer 

    • Abnormal uterine bleeding 

    • Liver tumors and/or liver disease (cirrhosis): 

    • History of bariatric surgery 

    • Use of anticonvulsant medicines 

  • How long after starting Errin is it effective?

    If you start Errin on the first day of your menstrual period, full protection from pregnancy will begin in 48 hours. If you start Errin on another day, the birth control can take longer to provide protection. If you start taking Errin more than 5 days after the first day of your period, make sure to use a back-up birth control method to prevent unintended pregnancy for at least two days after starting.

  • Do you get your period while taking Errin?

    Errin affects everyone differently. Some women will not get their menstrual period while taking a progestin-only oral contraceptive. In most cases, progestin-only oral contraceptive users experience light bleeding and spotting at the time of their regular menstrual period, and bleeding may also occur irregularly throughout the month.

    If you are taking Errin and develop a change in your bleeding pattern, nausea, breast tenderness or lower abdominal pain, tell your doctor. Your doctor may recommend a pregnancy test to rule out unintended pregnancy.

  • Do you still ovulate on Errin birth control?

    About half of women will still ovulate when on Errin or any other progestin-only pill. When taken daily, Errin may prevent ovulation but for all women it thickens the cervical mucus and uterine lining to prevent sperm from entering the uterus and fertilized egg attachment. 

  • Can Errin make you gain weight?

    Yes, weight gain is a possible side effect of Errin birth control. Talk to your doctor if you notice unintended weight changes.

  • What happens if I miss a dose of Errin?

    If you miss a dose of Errin, ask your doctor for medical advice. Missing pills can increase your risk of pregnancy. If you're more than three hours late for your dose, take the missed dose as soon as you remember and use back-up birth control for 48 hours.

  • What happens if I take too much Errin?

    If you've taken too much Errin, ask your doctor for medical advice or contact your local poison control center. An overdose of Errin birth control is not expected to be dangerous but may result in side effects.

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Helpful questions to discuss with your doctor about Errin (norethisterone) birth control

Being informed is an important part of being empowered to make the best reproductive health decisions.  At PlushCare, we prioritize open communication to ensure you feel confident about your birth control choices. If you're considering Errin, here are some questions that may be helpful to discuss during your doctor appointment: 

  • How does Errin compare to similar oral contraceptives?

  • Is Errin birth control safe to take for a long period of time?

  • Will taking birth control affect my fertility if I plan to get pregnant in the future?

  • What should I do if I experience unwanted side effects?

  • Are there any alternative methods that you would recommend if this one doesn’t work for me?

  • If I want to pause my period entirely, can I skip the placebo week?

  • Will birth control interact negatively with any of my current supplements or medications?

  • Is there a generic version of Errin that would help reduce the cost?

  • How often do you recommend follow-up appointments regarding my birth control?

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