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Top 8 Food Blogs To Keep You Happy and Healthy

writtenByWritten by: Sofie Wise
Sofie Wise

Sofie Wise

Sofie hopes to create a more sustainable healthcare system by empowering people to make conscious health decisions. Her interests include cooking, reading, being outdoors and painting.

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April 5, 2018 Read Time - 10 minutes

Life can be tough on your health, but luckily these 8 food bloggers have figured out a way to fight illness with food and keep you happy, healthy and full this year. Each of their blogs focuses on a different style of healthy eating, but all of them aim to create real food recipes that actually taste good. These blogs will help you find delicious meals, snacks, and even dessert recipes that provide the nutrients you need to live your best life in 2018.

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1. Naturally Ella

Ella founded Naturally Ella in 2007 in an attempt to begin her journey to a healthier lifestyle. Since 2007, her blog has blossomed into one of the foremost healthy food blogs on the web. After growing up eating mostly fast food and struggling with her health, Ella was inspired by just how much eating healthy affected her – so much so that she decided to help spread the word! Her blog seeks to answer the question “what’s for dinner?” by providing you with relatively simple recipes that you can make with the things you already have in your pantry. She aims to bring back cooking and forgo the processed foods, and she does this with three simple pages: make a recipe, explore an ingredient, and stock a pantry. The Make a Recipe page allows you to choose a recipe based on the meal you are making and/or by the ingredients you have on hand. From hearty her lentil stew to her shaved brussel sprout pot stickers, Ella has a delicious recipe for everyone. Her Explore an Ingredient page takes this one step further, allowing you to explore the different types of ingredients you might have on hand, read about the best ways to buy them, learn about their health benefits, and find yummy recipes to use them in. Lastly, the Stock a Pantry page reviews all the different potential pantry products that you might buy (and what you can use them for)! If you’re looking to revamp your health, Naturally Ella is absolutely the site for you. (

2. Food Heaven Made Easy

Food Heaven Made Easy is run by two fun-loving best friends who have a passion for plant-based health. Jess and Wendy met almost a decade ago at a friends potluck and in the ensuing years, they pursued their Master’s in Nutrition and Registered Dietitian degrees and began to build Food Heaven Made Easy. Now, their blog has blossomed into one of the most popular health blogs out there. The women have a YouTube series, podcast and a cookbook. The website offers access to a delicious array of recipes like blueberry coconut ice cream and savory steel cut oats, and their YouTube videos show you exactly how to make them. They also have videos on health and wellness, which include topics like Nutrition Prescriptions – different foods that can help fight specific ailments – and Kitchen Cosmetics to help you better understand how food can affect your beauty routine. The women’s cookbook 28 Day Plant Powered Health Reboot is a great resource for kickstarting your health, but if your looking for a shorter version, you can find a 2-week meal plan on their website that provides a shopping list, recipes and more. And for an added touch, Jess and Wendy have designed adorable t-shirts that read “Kale&Spinach&Collards&Chard” that are the perfect gift for anyone interested in the plant-based health movement. (

3. Andie Mitchell

If you’re looking for some serious inspiration (and some excellent advice), Andie’s blog is absolutely the place for you. At age 20, Andie weighed roughly 300 lbs. After deciding she’d had enough, Andie lost 135 lbs in just one year. 11 years later, and Andie has learned how to turn her initial diet into a lifestyle, finding balance and comfort in her new ways. Her blog details all of the lessons that she’s learned from her 135 lb loss, her real advice on maintenance, her thoughts on depression and anxiety, her journey with binge eating, and all of the healthy recipes you need to achieve a balanced lifestyle too. Her food choices are all about balance, so you will find a lot of healthy recipes mixed in with some indulgent bites and decadent desserts. And the best part is that even her indulgent recipes are healthy – she has transformed her eating habits so that the “bad” foods can be a regular part of life. You can find things like Light Caprese Spaghetti with Creamy Pesto Sauce, Fudgy 100 Calorie Brownies, Slow Cooker Mexican Pulled Pork Tacos, and more. Andie also describes her emotional journey with food in depth, writing about how the only way that she was able to achieve a balanced lifestyle was by delving into her emotional connection to food and nurturing her anxiety to find peace. In addition to her blog, Andie has written a memoir and a cookbook to help others find their inner peace. (

4. Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Looking for a complete diet makeover? Lexi’s Clean Kitchen may be the place for you. Her website features recipes that are paleo-friendly, gluten-free, mostly dairy-free, refined sugar-free, and soy-free. Despite all of these restrictions, Lexi’s recipes do not suffer. Her recipe index features yummy ideas like 5-Ingredient Buffalo Chicken Baked Hummus Dip, Spaghetti Squash Enchilada Casserole, and Green Coconut Curry Ramen. She also has an extensive dessert selection, including a page solely for donut recipes. In addition to her recipe collection, Lexi has a helpful page on clean beauty to help you find a food-beauty routine that works for you. She also provides meal plans for those interested in jumpstarting their clean-eating lifestyle. And if you absolutely can’t get enough of her website, Lexi has written a cookbook that is available for purchase online. (

5. The Healthy Apple by Amie Valpone

After spending over a decade plagued by chronic illnesses, Amie Valpone decided to take an unconventional path to finding health: nurturing your body with healthy foods, nurturing your mind with healing practices, and making sure that your personal wellness is a priority in your day-to-day. Amie now seeks to help others Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Their Bodies using her helpful guides, articles and recipes. Her recipe page provides an extensive supply of meal ideas that are vegetarian/vegan and naturally free of gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugar. You could might try a sweet potato superfood bowl for breakfast, a summertime fresh fig salad for lunch, or some grain-free fajitas for dinner. She also has desserts like vegan vanilla almond cupcakes (because everyone needs a little indulgence now and again) and dietary-restriction-specific recipes to meet all of your food needs. Her Revitalize page features healing modalities, tips on enhancing the mind body connection, and ideas on how to return to the self. She provides advice on how to relax, how to refresh, and how to heal yourself in times of trauma or stress. Her healing modalities provide both personal stories of healing as well as more practical tips for health like coffee enemas for the liver or castor oil packs for PMS cramps. Finally, Amie’s Living page offers her list of “essentials” for health, her music recommendations and travel stories, her ideas about clothing and fashion, and her personal guide to taking on New York City. If your looking for more, Amie has also written a 30 Day Reset plan, a 3-Month Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan, a Holiday Cookbook, and more, that are available for order on her website. (

6. Minimalist Baker

All too often, healthy recipes require a complete overhaul of the kitchen, forcing you to buy new spices, miscellaneous grains, and a plethora of unusual vegetables or fruits. Minimalist Baker aims to solve this problem by eating healthy with minimal ingredients! Founded by Dana and her husband John, Minimalist Baker has become a staple blog for the aspiring (or achieving) healthy eater. The recipes you will find on this site require either 30 minutes or less, 1 bowl, or just 10 ingredients to complete. They are miraculously simple and consistently delicious. You can find easy dessert recipes like the 1-bowl Chocolate Zucchini Bread, entrees like Vegan Pumpkin Mac and Cheese, yummy smoothie recipes, endless curry ideas, and all of the roasted veggie recipes your heart desires. Minimalist Baker also has a beverage section with delicious drink ideas like the 5-minute vegan Golden Milk, the Easy Traditional White Sangria, and the Banana Split Smoothie. Gluten free or vegan? Most of the recipes are automatically gluten free and/or vegan, but Minimalist Baker also provides sections on her recipe page where you can find foods that meet your dietary restrictions. Minimalist Baker is the perfect place to go for simple and yummy recipes that won’t break the bank. (

7. Cookie and Kate

Run by Kate and her sidekick Cookie, Cookie and Kate is an awesome place to find real, whole-food recipes. A self-taught cook and food photographer, Kate has made it her life’s work to help spread the word and celebrate good food! Her recipes focus on delighting the senses while nourishing the body. For breakfast ideas, you can find recipes for Goat Cheese Polenta with Roasted Vegetables and homemade Orange Infused Granola. For lunch, how about some Hot Pink Coconut Slaw or Creamy Thai Carrot Sweet Potato Soup? And for dinner, Kate has fun recipes like Vegetable Paella and Vegan Mac and Cheese. All of her ideas showcase real, whole foods while managing to look and taste absolutely delicious! Her dessert page features a great mixture of healthy and decadent, ranging from things like Creamy Chia Pudding to Gingerbread Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. Want more? Kate has a cookbook, Love Real Food, that launched in Spring 2017. It features 100+ recipes that you can’t find on her blog. And as if that’s not enough, Kate has also launched a recipe app to make it simple and easy to get access to her yummy food. (

8. The Full Helping

Born from a desire to celebrate food and its many gifts, The Full Helping aims to help you eat healthily and responsibly. Run by Gena, The Full Helping is an excellent source of vegan recipes and advice on how you can achieve a healthy, balanced, and impactful life. After struggling with anorexia for many years, Gena decided to commit to making peace with the food on her plate. It was not a linear journey, but one of the most critical things for her was the realization that food is not the enemy – that in fact, food can be a powerful means of doing good in the world. Now, Gena eats to impact. She aims to use her plate to do good for her own body, good for the planet and good for the animals. And it was through this discovery that she discovered that not only did she enjoy eating food, she also enjoyed cooking it. The Full Helping puts those recipes on full display, featuring everything from Farro & Roasted Vegetables with Italian Salsa Verde to Tofu Red Lentil Shakshuka. You can find the perfect vegan recipe for any cuisine, any mood, any indulgence. In addition to her recipes, Gena has a Nutrition and Wellness page where she writes personal reflections and advice for those struggling with mindfulness or acceptance. She also has a food and healing page that features advice on recovering from an eating disorder and how you can mend your relationship with food. The Full Helping is an excellent resource for anyone looking to overcome their eating issues or simply wanting a good, healthy recipe to cook. (

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