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Online Games To Play With Your Friends During Isolation

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, millions find themselves under stay-at-home orders and strict regulations regarding outings.

During these times of isolation from one another, it can be hard to stay connected with your friends and family who live separately.

Below we’ve compiled a wide range of online games that you can play together. If you’re looking for fun ways to hangout from the safety of your home, keep reading!

This article is organized by age group, whether you’re trying to help your child stay connected to classmates, or thinking of ways to bring your friends and family together via online games.

Games For Kids

If your child wants to play online with their friends, there are plenty of sites designed for multiplayer interaction in a safe and monitored environment.

Popular sites such as, and all host online multiplayer games where children can connect with friends.

Popular TV networks also create games for their young audience as found on, and

On these, you can sort by your children’s favorite show and explore new fun ways to play with famous characters. 

If you’re looking for something more family oriented, there are a number of classic games that have been translated into virtual editions.

On your phone, computer or tablet, you’ll find games such as Monopoly, Mario Kart, Clue, Pokemon, Sorry, and Guess Who. These games are perfect for allowing your kid to play with classmates, or as a family.

Feel free to join them and play with the whole household!

Games For Young Adults

By the time kids reach middle school and high school, video game consoles become increasingly popular.

They won’t need your help hopping into a variety of online platforms where they can hang out, chat and play with their friends. Some of the most popular video games today include:

  • Minecraft: a sandbox video game with more than 33 million users worldwide. Players can build their own structures, create innovative contraptions, and explore their own virtual worlds. Players farm blocks found in their environment in order to gather materials and the rest is left up to the creativity of the player.
  • Fortnite: Fortnite has exploded onto the videogame scene since its release in 2017.  It is a fast paced survival game, that functions similar to The Hunger Games. 100 players load into each game and fight to be the last one standing using their wits, weapons and building abilities.
  • Super Mario Bros: The Mario Series is a Japanese platform video game created by Ninetendo in 1981 and hosts the most famous character of all time: Mario. Players load into different levels as Mario and must strategically complete courses and challenges to pass each level.

Each of these games hosts the ability for you to play with your friends. These video games are just a handful of thousands that you can use to play with others online.

With features such as voice chatting and messaging, communicating while you play is just one way  to feel less isolated during these unprecedented times. 

Games For Adults

There are video games designed for all ages, including adults. However, here, we’ll be taking a look at some of the ways you can connect with friends that don’t require a controller and headset. 

  • Cards Against Humanity: In this hilarious game, players submit cards to complete the dealers sentence, and the best/worst/funniest comes out on top. The kind folks over at Cards Against Humanity have recently made the game available to play online for free. 
  • Uno: Online Uno is simple, easy and fun to play. Invite your friends to join your virtual game and get the fun started!
  • Drawful: In this game, players are given fantastical things to draw with no undo button. From there, players must guess different drawings and deceive others with false answers. It’s easy to play with a simple screen share, and always good for a laugh.
  • Houseparty: Houseparty is an app designed to make video chatting in groups easy. The app also offers popular games such as Heads Up!, Trivia, Chip and Guac, and QuickDraw! 

A Final Word

Just because we’re living in times of quarantine and isolation doesn’t mean we need to be lonely. Now more than ever we should reach out to friends and family for connection and fun distractions. We are lucky to live in times where technology makes this possible. Take advantage of your devices and get some much needed fun started and remember PlushCare is here to support both your physical and mental health whenever you need us!

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