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Buy Synthroid Online

Dr. Navin Ramchandani

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October 9, 2019 Read Time - 4 minutes

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Medically reviewed by Dr. Navin Ramchandani, MD. His passion is diagnosing and treating people with complicated health issues to help improve their overall health and quality of life.

Warning: Buying prescription drugs online is illegal without a prescription from a licensed doctor. Sites that claim you can receive prescription drugs without speaking with a doctor first are breaking the law and should not be trusted. There is no way to guarantee drugs sold without a prescription are the correct medication or dosage. 

Buy Synthroid Online

If you’re looking to buy Synthroid online, you’re going to need a prescription first. Meet with an online doctor to get prescribed and buy Synthroid online here

Synthroid is prescribed to those with hypothyroidism, who have low levels of thyroid hormones and may benefit from a synthetic hormone. Whether you need an initial diagnosis or prescription refill, we can help you. 

What is Synthroid?

Synthroid is one of the most common synthetic hormones (generic name, levothyroxine) prescribed to individuals with insufficient levels of thyroid hormones.

For those lacking proper thyroid function, synthetic hormones, such as Synthroid, are crucial to help the body convert food into energy, among other important processes.

How to Buy Synthroid Online

Synthroid isn’t something you can just buy online and have shipped to your door. You need to talk to a doctor to get a prescription for Synthroid.

Luckily, there are several websites (including ours) where you can have an online appointment and speak to a doctor to get a Synthroid prescription using your computer or smartphone.

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If you aren’t yet diagnosed with hypothyroidism our online doctors can help you get tested. There are a number of different tests available and a PlushCare doctor will recommend the one(s) best for you.

Once your diagnosis is confirmed the doctor will write you a prescription for Synthroid and have it electronically sent to your local pharmacy.

Symptoms of an Under-active Thyroid

If you haven’t been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, but you’re experiencing unexplained symptoms, you may be wondering if you have an under-active thyroid and could benefit from Synthroid.

Here are some symptoms of an underactive thyroid:



Dry skin, thinning hair


Impaired memory

Irregular or heavy menstrual cycles

Puffy face

Joint stiffness and pain

Enlarged thyroid gland (goiter)

Elevated blood cholesterol level

Elevated blood cholesterol level


Increased sensitivity to cold

Muscle weakness, aches

Slowed heart rate

Weight gain

Causes of Hypothyroidism

There are several different things that can cause an underactive thyroid, including:

Thyroid surgery


Iodine deficiency

Radiation therapy

Pituitary disorder


Hypothyroidism Risk Factors

While anybody can get hypothyroidism, you have a higher risk if you:

Have a family history of thyroid problems

Are a woman

Have an autoimmune disease, such as type 1 diabetes or celiac disease

Have recently had thyroid surgery

Received radiation to your neck or upper chest

Are older than 60

Have been treated with radioactive iodine or anti-thyroid medications

Have recently been pregnant

Precautions and side effects of Synthroid

Before taking any new medication be sure to talk with your doctor about the potential risks and side effects.

You should always tell your doctor your complete medical history and all medications you are taking, including supplements and recreational drugs to ensure there are no harmful drug interactions.

While Synthroid is generally considered safe, it isn’t for everybody. It can lead to osteoporosis, especially in women.

Synthroid is not approved for weight loss in people with normal thyroid function and should only be taken by people who are deficient in thyroid hormones.

Synthroid can cause life-threatening complications in people with normal thyroid levels.

Get a Synthroid Prescription Online

If you’ve been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, you can have an online appointment with one of our trusted doctors who can send a prescription for Synthroid to your local pharmacy. Click here to make an appointment to get Synthroid online today.

Not sure whether or not you have an underactive thyroid?

If you have symptoms of hypothyroidism, you can use PlushCare to order labs and get them done at a facility near you. We offer labs that check several different types of thyroid function to get a better picture of how your thyroid is functioning.

If your lab results indicate low thyroid levels, our Care Team will connect you with one of our trusted doctors to discuss a treatment plan and prescribe you Synthroid if it’s appropriate.

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