Urgent Care in North Carolina

Get urgent care online in North Carolina. Urgent care can treat non-severe injuries, illnesses, and infections. PlushCare connects patients with licensed online doctors, with appointments available every 15 minutes. Book a virtual North Carolina urgent care appointment today.

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Urgent Care in North Carolina

See a North Carolina doctor online to get virtual urgent care. We offer appointments every 15 minutes with our licensed physicians. Our doctors are available to diagnose you during your virtual appointment, and will work with you to create a treatment plan. If necessary, they can write prescriptions after completing a medical evaluation.

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At PlushCare, our board-certified North Carolina doctors are all graduates of a top 50 U.S. medical school. We make urgent care convenient by connecting patients to doctors online, so they can skip the waiting room, and get right to the care that they need. We are really proud of the level of care we provide to our North Carolina patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will an urgent care visit in North Carolina cost?

    The cost of an urgent care visit in North Carolina will depend on what facility you go to, and your insurance coverage. Typically, urgent care facilities will require you to pay upfront. At PlushCare, we accept patients both with and without insurance. If you have insurance, your visit could be covered, and if you do not have insurance, an urgent care appointment may be more affordable compared to an in-person urgent care center.

  • Are North Carolina urgent care centers open after hours?

    Yes, our North Carolina online urgent care service is open after hours. Most urgent care centers are open after hours, and sometimes on weekends. We offer virtual urgent care after hours, every weekend, and even on holidays. We make urgent care convenient, so you can get the care that you need on your schedule.

  • Can you book an online urgent care visit in North Carolina?

    Yes, you can book an online urgent care visit in North Carolina. Many issues that are handled at urgent care in person can also be tended to virtually. Some common conditions that are treated with online urgent care are non-severe injuries, illnesses, and infections. Conditions like fever, flu, cold, sore throat, and infections are a few examples. Our North Carolina online doctors will work with you to provide you with a diagnosis, then create a personalized treatment plan. If necessary, they can even write you a prescription.

  • Can urgent care write you a prescription in North Carolina?

    Yes, urgent care can provide you with a prescription in North Carolina. Our doctors can write prescriptions for antibiotics and antivirals after a medical evaluation. Once your prescription is written, your doctor will electronically send it to your local pharmacy where you can pick it up at your convenience.

  • When should you go to urgent care?

    You should go to urgent care if you need treatment for non-severe injuries, illnesses, and infections. If you have life-threatening conditions, you must be treated in an emergency room (ER) or call an ambulance. Some common conditions that urgent care doctors can treat include: 

    • UTI

    • Strep Throat

    • Ear Infections

    • Sinus Infection

    • Bacterial Infection

    • Common Cold

    • Flu

    • Pink Eye

    • STDs

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