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Make an online appointment today with PlushCare to meet a Michigan licensed therapist online. Our dedicated and highly trained therapists can provide counseling for depression, anxiety, stress, grief, life transitions, and loss. Through PlushCare's online therapy program, you can meet with a Michigan online therapist for $169 per session or $149 for weekly sessions. Book a free 15-minute consultation or start your first session with a Michigan therapist today.

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How Does Online Therapy in Michigan Work?

How Does Online Therapy in Michigan Work?

Michigan online counseling and therapy services allow you to talk to a licensed therapist from the comfort of your home on the phone or through video chat. No more fighting the traffic to get to your therapist’s office. Similar to a private in-person session, during teletherapy, your therapist will directly work with you.


Each online therapy session at PlushCare is 45 minutes long and completely secure. At PlushCare, you can speak with a Michigan licensed therapist remotely for $169 per session or $149 for weekly sessions.

Meet Jennifer Mally, Michigan Licensed Therapist

Meet Jennifer Mally, Michigan Licensed Therapist

Jennifer Mally is a licensed clinical counselor with over 20 years of experience in the field of mental/behavioral health. Her master’s degree studies were in the realm of Clinical Psychology. Jennifer has worked with individuals possessing a wide range of concerns, including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and career and other life transitions.


Jennifer’s counseling style is empathetic, nonjudgemental, and interactive. She believes in treating people with respect, sensitivity, and compassion. Her approach consists of cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, and psychodynamic orientations, and will tailor your treatment plan to meet your unique and specific needs. She is here to support, empower, and guide you toward a more positive and joyful life experience.

Meet Alexandra Mera-Nemer, Michigan Licensed Therapist

Meet Alexandra Mera-Nemer, Michigan Licensed Therapist

Alexandra (Ali) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from University of Hartford and a Masters of Social Work with a focus in Health, Mental Health and Disabilities from Columbia University. Ali has been practicing as a social worker for over 17 years.


Ali’s experience has been serving populations from infants to adults. She has extensive experience in the areas of grief, bereavement, coping with chronic/terminal illness, infertility, pregnancy, postpartum, new parenthood and LGBTQIA. Ali works to create a safe space for her clients where they will work together to build a rapport, identify needs and goals, develop a treatment plan using the best intervention for that specific relationship, and work to helping her clients live a longer, healthier and happier life.

Meet Rebecca Bal, Michigan Licensed Therapist

Meet Rebecca Bal, Michigan Licensed Therapist

Rebecca Bal has a Bachelor’s in American Studies from the University of California, Berkeley and Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary. She has extensive experience with complex trauma, depression, anxiety and relational challenges. She has worked in school-based, community-based and clinic settings ranging from elementary aged children to older adults. She is especially passionate about working with youth and young adults from a variety of multi-ethnic backgrounds.


Rebecca was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and has worked in mental health settings throughout the East Bay. Currently, she resides in Honolulu. Over the last year and half, our world has shifted so significantly and being able to access support remotely and with ease has become a necessity and hopefully makes mental health services that much more accessible for everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Online Therapy Cost in Michigan?

The cost of a therapy session depends on the type of therapy, therapist’s qualifications and where you live. Cost of therapy out-of-pocket can range from $60 to $250 per session.


Online therapy services in Michigan with PlushCare costs $169 per session. For weekly sessions, you can get $20 off, making each session $149.

Can Therapy Be Done Online?

Yes. Therapy conducted online is also known as online therapy (or teletherapy). Much like a private in-person session, a Michigan licensed therapist or counselor conducts a session with you through the use of devices such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone through the internet.

What Can I Do If I Cannot Afford Therapy?

The cost of therapy can vary depending on the type, therapist, and location. Do some research and shop around for therapy that fits your budget. First, check if your insurance carrier covers therapy. In addition, you may also consider community mental health centers.


Also, consider exploring teletherapy in Michigan. Online therapy is generally a more affordable option than in-person therapy.

Is Online Therapy as Good as In-Person Therapy?

Yes. In most cases, patients find teletherapy to be as effective as in-person sessions for a range of mental health concerns, including anxiety and depression. Further, many also find added benefits, such as time saved from traveling to and waiting in the therapist’s office.

Who is PlushCare’s Online Therapy For?

Michigan online counseling and therapy services through PlushCare are for anyone who:

  • Is over the age of 18
  • Has a reliable internet connection
  • Does not have a serious mental health condition

Are There Any Free Online Therapists?

At the beginning of your therapy journey, searching for a therapist that fits is a highly personal process. To help you feel comfortable, PlushCare offers a free consultation with your prospective therapist before signing up, so you can make sure it is the right fit. To book your free consultation today, click here.

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    Lisa S.

    Crystal Lake, IL

    DR. Allan Marks has helped my daughter two times and we cannot recommend them enough. My daughter has ADHD and can't wait in a waiting room forever. This was the fastest and easiest way to get my daughter diagnosed and pick up a script. One time we used this service when no other doctor was open. Plush care was available! My daughter didn't have to even leave the house in 6 degree weather (would have made her MORE SICK). She had severe sinus infection and Dr. was not only clear and nice but looked up holiday pharmacy hours ahead of time to make sure I could pick up the script in time! AWESOME! 2nd time went just as smooth. Thank you!

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    Patrick S.

    Alpharetta, GA

    Wow. Wow. Wow. This is so easy and quick. I had a cold virus that turned into a sinus infection. I pulled over on my way to a meeting to video chat w a doctor. He was attentive, kind, and efficient. After a few questions, he diagnosed my ailment. The call took less than 10 mins. Prescription was at the pharmacy later that day. I will be a client for a long time. Thank you.

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    I never review Apps, but this has been the quickest and most convenient doctor experience(s) I’ve ever had. It cost me no more than what I would have paid to visit an office. I’ve had two appointments and one was done in the comfort of my own living room and the second on my break at work. As a full time worker, full time student, and full time mom, the convenience cannot be beat. I met with Dr. Saremi who is very personable and kind. He immediately resolved my reasons for calling during both appointments. He was competent and trustworthy and valued my time. Can’t recommend this enough.