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Meet with an Illinois licensed therapist through an online therapy appointment. Our dedicated online therapists can provide counseling for anxiety, depression, stress, and loss. Right now, you can meet with a therapist through PlushCare's online therapy program for $169 per session. Start your first therapy session with a virtual therapist in Illinois today.

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How Does Online Therapy in Illinois Work?

Online therapy in Illinois allows you to speak with a therapist through your smartphone, tablet, or computer, all from the comfort of your own home. At PlushCare, you can talk to a licensed Illinois therapist via virtual appointment for $169 per session and you can cancel at any time.  

PlushCare online therapy sessions are 45 minutes long. During each private session, your Illinois therapist will work with you to develop clear goals, provide emotional support, and guide your personal development.

Meet Jennifer Mally, Illinois Licensed Therapist

Jennifer Mally is a clinical counselor licensed in the state of North Carolina with over 20 years of experience in the field of mental/behavioral health. Her master’s degree studies were in the realm of Clinical Psychology. Jennifer has worked with individuals possessing a wide range of concerns, including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and career and other life transitions.  

Jennifer’s counseling style is empathetic, nonjudgemental, and interactive. She believes in treating people with respect, sensitivity, and compassion. Her approach consists of cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, and psychodynamic orientations, and will tailor your treatment plan to meet your unique and specific needs. She is here to support, empower, and guide you toward a more positive and joyful life experience.

Meet Nicole Tedesco, Illinois Licensed Therapist

Nicole is a LCSW, educator, and qualified supervisor with over 10 years of experience helping individuals find happiness and peace. Reaching out for professional support is a sign of self-awareness and readiness for change. She is very understanding of the fact, that finding your first therapist, or a new therapist can be a bit nerve-wracking. She is not a “One Size Fits All” type of therapist. She will assist you in identifying your strengths and targeting your goals. She will also help you develop the skills and knowledge that prepare and assist you with managing life stressors.  

She offers an individualized and collaborative approach to assist you in managing maladaptive behaviors, depression, anxiety, somatic symptoms, low self-image, or grief, in comfortable and convenient virtual environment. She works with individuals of all ages, races, cultural backgrounds, and sexual orientations – treating anxiety, adjustment disorders, depression, eating disorders, emotional conflict, family conflicts, grief/loss, professional dilemmas, PTSD and more. She also specializes in coping with pain, fatigue, insomnia, and chronic illness including chronic fatigue, autoimmune disease, and fibromyalgia. Nicole looks forward to accompanying you in your journey to inner peace and well-being!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is online therapy in Illinois legit?

    Yes, online therapy in Illinois is legitimate and legal! Illinois online therapists must have the same licensing as in-person therapists. According to multiple studies, the outcomes of virtual therapy in treating mild and moderate anxiety and depression are just as effective as in-person therapy. Online therapy allows you to speak with a therapist through a virtual appointment on a computer or smartphone, providing you with the same emotional support as in-person therapy, plus added convenience, comfort, and flexibility.

  • How much does online therapy cost in Illinois?

    The cost of therapy in Illinois will vary based on the therapist and whether they accept insurance. In Illinois, the average cost of a therapy appointment is between $60 and $120, with some therapists charging as much as $250 per hour. At PlushCare, you can talk to a licensed Illinois therapist for $169 per session.

  • What conditions can an Illinois online therapist treat?

    Illinois online therapists can effectively treat many mental health conditions. Our online therapists at PlushCare commonly treat the following conditions:

    • Anxiety

    • Depression

    • Stress

    • Life Transitions

    • Relationship Issues

    • COVID-19 Concerns

    If you’re going currently experiencing a challenging time, reach out to a licensed Illinois therapist for help and emotional support.

  • Is online therapy right for me?

    Online therapy may be the right choice for you. Online therapy offers an affordable, accessible, and convenient option for helping to overcome anxiety, depression, and other mental health difficulties. Understanding that online therapy may be unfamiliar, we want to assure you that your session will be a comfortable, thoughtful, and engaging experience in a supportive environment. PlushCare’s online therapists are committed to helping you overcome challenges and grow as a person.

  • What can I expect from online therapy sessions at Plushcare?

    Online therapy sessions at PlushCare offer individualized emotional support and thoughtful personal development, guided by a professional licensed therapist. Our therapy clients have reported positive personal improvements after online therapy, including improved levels of happiness, self-esteem, and self-confidence, as well as less anxiety and stronger personal stress management.

  • Who is PlushCare’s online therapy for?

    PlushCare’s online therapy service is for individuals over the age of 18 seeking emotional support and mental health counseling. Currently, PlushCare does not provide online therapy services for families, couples, or individuals under the age of 18.  

    PlushCare’s licensed Illinois therapists provide virtual counseling across the state of Illinois, including online therapy in Chicago and other major cities.

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