5 Ways to Celebrate this Women’s Health and Fitness Day

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5 Ways to Celebrate this Women’s Health and Fitness Day

Sofie Wise

Written by Sofie Wise

Sofie Wise

Sofie Wise

Sofie hopes to create a more sustainable healthcare system by empowering people to make conscious health decisions. Her interests include cooking, reading, being outdoors and painting.

September 26, 2018 / Read Time 2 minutes

What will you do for your health?

Happy Women’s Health and Fitness Day from all of us here at PlushCare! Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can celebrate a healthy lifestyle today.

1. Change up your workout routine

Mixing up your workout routine can be super fun, plus it comes with a whole host of health benefits. Studies show that changing up your workout can vastly increase caloric burn. It can also help keep your brain healthy, build up different muscle groups, and beat workout boredom! If you are used to going to the gym and hopping on that elliptical, perhaps try running outside, taking a Zumba class, or even trying an app-based workout. Apps like Aaptiv allow you to get a personal training experience through your headphones. You can choose different workouts every day and get a step by step guide through them, making it easier than ever to switch up your workout routine.

2. Spend time with loved ones

According to a study done by Brigham Young University, having friends greatly impacts longevity. In fact, those with poor social connections had on average 50% higher odds of death. Spending time with family can also give you better health. Studies have shown that calling a parent or spending time with siblings can reduce stress and improve overall mental health status. So pick up the phone and make some plans with a loved one. Whether it’s a good friend or a family member, spending time with them can help you feel happier and healthier.

3. Experiment in the kitchen & cook a new healthy recipe

Eating a diet rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals can have far-reaching health effects. In fact, according to the USDA, a diet that’s rich in fruits and vegetables can reduce your risk of developing heart disease, cancer, obesity, type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney disease. Try cooking something new this Women’s Health and Fitness Day, like this veggie-packed coconut curry or a yummy cauliflower fried rice.

4. Spend time de-stressing

Take the time to unwind. Stress can have a variety of poor health effects on the body, so it’s important to make sure that you have ways to decrease your stress levels. This Women’s Health and Fitness Day, perhaps try a new method of reducing your stress. Spend some time with a good book, go to a yoga class, or maybe even try meditation. Do whatever works best for you, and remember that de-stressing is key to maintaining your health.

5. Speak with a Doctor

Speaking with a doctor seems like an obvious one, but did you know that 25% of Americans don’t go to the doctor every year? Visiting the doctor is key to making sure that you are staying healthy. Regular doctor visits can help reduce your risk of chronic disease and help ensure that you avoid any unnecessary acute illness (like the flu). Get ahead of your health and book an appointment with a PlushCare doctor today for a wellness screen and some routine testing.

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