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Meet James Wantuck, MD – Physician and Chief Medical Officer at PlushCare


Meet James Wantuck, MD – Physician and Chief Medical Officer at PlushCare

writtenByWritten by: Phoebe Byers
Phoebe Byers

Phoebe Byers

From New York, Phoebe attended the College of William & Mary and received an MPH from Univ. of S. Carolina. Her passion for empowering others to live healthier lives has led her to work in healthcare.

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August 23, 2017 Read Time - 3 minutes

I decided to help launch PlushCare because I believe in treating patients as people, not a number.”

A New York native, Dr. Wantuck attended the University of Pittsburgh for his undergraduate degree, studying chemistry and neuroscience. He then ventured South to Nashville to attend medical school at Vanderbilt University. I loved my time in the South, especially absorbing the rich culture and amazing food. Dr. Wantuck moved West to complete his residency in internal medicine at Stanford Medical Center and then stayed on as a faculty treating patients at the VA in Palo Alto. I’m a Co-Founder at PlushCare and treat many of our patients myself. It’s incredibly gratifying to bring affordable, accessible, world-class care to people around the country.”

What’s your role at PlushCare?

I’m a Physician at PlushCare, providing care to our patients. Additionally, I serve as the Chief Medical Officer and serve our team of physicians.

Why did you decide to join the PlushCare team?

I helped launch PlushCare and the idea was born out of my frustration with the current healthcare system. Spending 3 years training in how to treat patients, I suffered through the nightmare of a system that we currently have. I believe that there is a better way, treating patients as people rather than just another number. It makes sense to have physicians be rewarded for providing value for patients – this works in patients and physicians favor. PlushCare is our solution for doing that.

What’s your proudest personal or professional moment?

I don’t view any particular moment as defining. Rather, I notice small things every day: the thanks from patients, reading our patient reviews, the dedication from our team members, and kind words from my physician colleagues. These things represent the slowly building tidal wave that we are bringing to healthcare and I feel proud on a daily basis.

Where do you love to retreat to in the Bay Area?

I amazed by the scenery and beauty all over the bay area – where I grew up we didn’t really have sweeping mountain vistas or ocean sunsets. I find myself returning to wine country time and again for relaxation and restoration.

Name the best piece of health advice you’ve ever received.

I often quote Michael Pollan to my patients in search of the easy answer for diet, “Eat food, mostly plants, not too much.” The real secret lies in how to adhere to this sage advice – I haven’t quite figured that one out yet.

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