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Treatment Online

Get Bronchitis Treatment Online

Bronchitis can be caused by an infection or irritating substance, such as inhaled smoke. Common infections that lead to bronchitis are caused by respiratory viruses, like the type of virus that causes the common cold. Occasionally bronchitis can also be caused by a bacterial infection.


With our same day bronchitis treatment service you can meet with an online doctor and have your bronchitis treated within minutes. Instead of going to your doctor in person you can meet conveniently with a top PlushCare doctor online and get diagnosed and prescribed any necessary medication. 

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Check Your Symptoms

Symptoms, Causes and Prevention of Bronchitis

The key signs of bronchitis are observed in your chest and lungs. These symptoms, especially a cough, can last for several weeks. They include:



Due to the inflammation, you may also have symptoms typical of an illness like the flu such as:



What Causes Bronchitis?


Usually, the cause of bronchitis is a contagious viral infection. The virus may enter through your nose or mouth, and work its way down to your throat. As the infection enters the lining of the bronchial tubes, your immune system begins to fight back. As a result, swelling occurs and mucus is produced.


Common ways to catch a virus are from breathing in contaminated air or skin contact. Spending time in close proximity to someone carrying the virus puts you at higher risk.


Some other ways bronchitis develops include:



Factors which may increase your likelihood of contracting bronchitis include:



How to Lower My Chances of Bronchitis


There are few steps you can take to help prevent contracting bronchitis. In general, it is easiest to avoid viral infections by practicing good hygiene. Washing your hands thoroughly with soap kills and removes contagious viruses from your hands, and should be done before eating.


If you smoke tobacco products, the best way to lower your chances of developing bronchitis is to quit. Smoking damages the bronchial tubes and slows down the healing process.

Get a Prescription Online

Bronchitis Prescriptions With PlushCare

If your cough does not go away in a few days or is getting worse, consult a doctor about your treatment options. Your bronchitis may be bacterial in which case you’ll need an antibiotics prescription. If a PlushCare doctor thinks you could benefit from medication they can write you a prescription and will electronically send your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.

Treatment Options

Treating Bronchitis

Treatment for bronchitis is mainly supportive and focused on minimizing symptoms while your body fights the infection. Treatments can include medications to decrease cough and break up mucus. Antibiotics are generally not required to treat bronchitis unless you are diagnosed with bacterial bronchitis. Book an appointment to speak with a doctor about your bronchitis treatment options today.


Tips for Self Care


Some good home remedies to lessen the painful symptoms of bronchitis include:

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