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When It’s More Than a Sunburn, Treating a Sun Rash

Summertime is here, and that means it’s sunburn season. Did...

Jennifer Nelson 4 minutes read

Treat Yourself with A Healthy, Quick-to-Make Frozen Snack

Another creative method to beat the heat this summer is to indulge...

Sara Menges 4 minutes read

How to Stay Healthy on Your Vacation this Summer

Ever find yourself on vacation spending more time in your hotel...

Sara Menges 4 minutes read

Tips for Healthy Summertime Grilling

Grilling is fun, delicious, and it’s practically an American pastime. It’s perfect for summer –...

Sara Menges 4 minutes read

When the Heat Starts Rising Get Creative to Cool Down

Don’t let the high temperatures get you down or rack...

Sara Menges 4 minutes read

Kick the Cough in Time for Summer

With the changing seasons and spring pollen still in the air, coughs and...

Sara Menges 4 minutes read

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