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Antibiotics / Ear Infection

Antibiotics for Ear Infection

Antibiotics for Ear Infection When you feel an intense ear pain, or notice your toddler tugging at their ear, it is quite likely to be an ear infection. You will want your ear pain to get better as soon as possible, but treatment with antibiotics for ear infections is only necessary if the ear infection […]

Dr. Heidi Lightfoot
Ear Infection

Ear Infection Prescription Online

Ear Infection Prescription Online Ear infections can be a viral or bacterial infection in the middle ear, located just behind your eardrums. They can also be the result of fluid build up in the middle ear and affect the eustachian tubes in one or both ears. Ear infections can be chronic or acute. Chronic ear […]

Leah McCabe
Antibiotics / Ear Infection

Antibiotics For Swimmer’s Ear

Antibiotics for Swimmer’s Ear Did you know that swimmer’s ear can happen on dry land? You don’t need to be a swimmer to get swimmer’s ear. Do you need to take antibiotics for swimmer’s ear? Let’s talk about the symptoms, causes, and treatments for swimmer’s ear. What is swimmer’s ear? Swimmer’s ear is an infection […]

Jennifer Nelson
Ear Infection

Ear Congestion

Ear Congestion Ear congestion can cause aches and pressure build-ups in your middle ear. This can be extremely uncomfortable and painful depending on the severity. What is Ear Congestion? Ear congestion is when the tube that connects your nose to your middle ear gets clogged. This tube is known as the Eustachian Tube and its […]

Leah McCabe
Ear Infection

Ear Infections in Adults

Ear Infection in Adults: When to Contact a Doctor Your ears are made up of three main cavities: the Inner Ear, the Middle Ear and the Outer Ear. Each section has its own function and structure: Outer Ear: The outer ear is made up of the pinna and the ear canal. The pinna is the […]

Sofie Wise
Ear Infection

Ear Infections in Children

Ear Infections in Children The ear is home to our body’s smallest bones and structures. In part, it is due to its narrow canals and tiny spaces that this area is often the sight of infection, pressure, and discomfort when we are sick. While ear infections are common, children are especially susceptible to infection as […]

Ashley Bauman
Ear Infection

Signs and Symptoms of Ear Infections

Signs and Symptoms of Ear Infections: When to Contact a Doctor An ear infection is the common term for the condition known as acute otitis media (AOM). AOM occurs when a bacteria or virus causes an infection in the space behind the eardrum. Generally this space, known as the middle ear, is air-filled and contains […]

Shannon Chapman
Ear Infection

Are Ear Infections Contagious?

PlushCare takes content accuracy seriously so that we can be your trusted source of medical information. Most articles are reviewed by M.D.s, Ph.D.s, NPs, or NDs. Click here to meet the healthcare professionals behind the blog. Are Ear Infections Contagious? Many people wonder what causes ear infections, and whether or not ear infections are contagious. […]

Margaret A Spera, NP, APRN
Ear Infection / Online Doctor

How Long Does an Ear Infection Last?

How Long Does an Ear Infection Last? Different types of ear infections occur within the ear, relating to each of the ear’s three sections – the outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear. Each section of the ear has a unique function and form and the answer to "how long does an ear infection last" […]

Dr. Umer Khan
Ear Infection

How to Get Rid of an Ear Infection

Ear Infection Treatment: How to Get Rid of an Ear Infection Ear infections can affect both children and adults, though they are more frequent among children. Approximately 75% of children have an ear infection before they reach 3 years of age and treatment for ear infection symptoms are the most common reason parents bring their […]

Dr. Sarah Dash
Ear Infection

What Causes Ear Infections?

What Causes Ear Infections? An infection is the invasion and reproduction of microorganisms that are foreign to the body. There are many microorganisms living within the body that are part of our natural human microbiota and are not considered infectious. Unfortunately occasional bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites that are unwanted do find their way into […]

Ryan Quinn
Ear Infection

How to Tell if You Have an Ear Infection

How to Tell if You Have an Ear Infection If you’re experiencing ear pain you may be wondering if it’s an ear infection and what you need to do about it. This article will help you understand the different types of ear infection you may have, their causes, and your treatment options. Before we dive […]

Ryan Quinn