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Chest Congestion

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Chest Congestion Medicine

What is Chest Congestion? Chest congestion occurs when the linings of your mucous membranes become clogged with a thick mucus,...

Jillian Stenzel 3 minutes read

How to Get Rid of Chest Congestion Fast

Chest congestion can feel like you’re being suffocated. If you’re coughing up mucus or having trouble breathing, these are signs...

Jillian Stenzel 4 minutes read

Lung Congestion

Lung congestion, also known as chest congestion, gets the best of everyone at some point. We are all...

Leah McCabe 4 minutes read

Chest Congestion Remedies

Mucus. For many people the word arouses a sense of sickness, but mucus is actually a needed...

Ryan Quinn 3 minutes read

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