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Birth Control

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What Happens When You Stop Taking Birth Control?

Many women start taking birth control when they are teenagers and continue it for...

Dr. Heidi Lightfoot 11 minutes read

Are There Birth Control Pills That Help With Acne?

Are There Birth Control Pills That Help with Acne? For many years, doctors have been prescribing birth control pills to...

Laurel Klafehn 9 minutes read

This is Why There’s an App for Birth Control

We live in an on-demand world now. Between Lyft and Uber...

Sofie Wise 3 minutes read

Can You Get NuvaRing Online?

Since birth control pills were approved by the FDA in 1960, there have been several innovations and choices regarding birth...

Christina Wedberg 5 minutes read

Can You Get a Yaz Prescription Online?

Yes, you can get a Yaz prescription online. Set up an online appointment with a PlushCare doctor today. They can...

Ryan Quinn 5 minutes read

Apri Birth Control Review

If you’re looking at starting birth control, there are so many options to choose from that it can be overwhelming....

Jennifer Nelson 9 minutes read

Birth Control Pill Effectiveness

Taking the birth control can be a safe and effective way to help keep you from getting pregnant, but certain...

Christina Wedberg 3 minutes read

Where Can I Get the Mini Birth Control Pill?

What is the Mini Birth Control Pill? The mini birth control pill, also known as Ortho Micronor, Camila, and others,...

Christina Wedberg 3 minutes read

How To Get Free Birth Control

Contraception and birth control pills are a way to avoid unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. The Affordable HealthCare Act (ACA) added...

Leah McCabe 3 minutes read

How to Get Birth Control Without a Doctor

Can you get birth control without a doctor? Birth control and contraceptives are typically prescribed by a doctor and can...

Leah McCabe 3 minutes read

Get Birth Control Prescription Online

PlushCare takes content accuracy seriously so that we can be your trusted source of medical information. Most articles are reviewed...

Dr. Heidi Lightfoot 5 minutes read

Apri Birth Control

What is ? Apri is an oral combination hormone medication that women use to prevent pregnancy. It contains...

Christina Wedberg 3 minutes read

What is Low Estrogen Birth Control?

What are estrogens? Estrogens are hormones that drive sexual and reproductive development in women. Aside from being responsible for female...

Jillian Stenzel 4 minutes read

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