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Coronavirus or Allergies?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc around the world, many American’s find it difficult to...

Leah McCabe 4 minutes read

Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month

May is . Since 1984, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of...

Leah McCabe 5 minutes read

Can you get a Phenergan Prescription Online

? Phenergan is a common prescription medication used to help with the treatment of...

Leah McCabe 5 minutes read

Can You Get an Allegra Prescription Online?

If you are experiencing discomfort from seasonal allergies, you may be hoping for...

Christina Wedberg 5 minutes read

Can You Get a Flonase Prescription Online?

Allergies are extremely frustrating. You may have tried several different oral allergy medications,...

Jennifer Nelson 5 minutes read

Get FLONASE Online

What is FLONASE and How Does it Work? FLONASE is a medication that offers allergy relief for uncomfortable symptoms such...

Christina Wedberg 3 minutes read

Amoxicillin Allergy and Side Effects

Are you concerned that you or a loved one has an amoxicillin allergy? Amoxicillin is a type of penicillin, and...

Jennifer Nelson 3 minutes read

Penicillin Allergy

An allergic reaction to penicillin can be terrifying. While some people only experience mild effects like a rash or hives,...

Jennifer Nelson 4 minutes read

Allergy Test Cost: Pricing for Different Types of Allergy Testing

Learn about the different allergy testing pricing options There are a number of different tests that an allergist might administer...

Ryan Quinn 10 minutes read

Allergy Testing Procedures: How to Get an Allergy Test

How is Allergy Testing Done?: Types of Allergy Testing There are a number of different tests that an allergy doctor...

Ryan Quinn 10 minutes read

How to Spot the Difference Between Allergies and Colds

Colds vs. Allergies: Whats the Difference? So you’ve got a sore throat, runny nose, sinus pressure, watery eyes, and have...

Ryan Quinn 9 minutes read

How to Get Rid of Allergies: The Best Allergy Medicines

The Best Medicines for Allergy Relief Unfortunately, there is no cure for allergies. Thankfully, you can absolutely treat the symptoms...

Ryan Quinn 10 minutes read

Common Allergies: What are the Different Types?

Having allergies is a pretty common ailment. Each year, over 50 million Americans experience an allergy of some type, and...

Ryan Quinn 10 minutes read

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