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Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal Allergies Allergy season has arrived and is the bane of many peoples’ existence this time of year. Seasonal allergies come in two different flavors and the most common form is known as allergic rhinitis which is characterized by the classic symptoms of sinus congestion, runny nose, and post nasal drip. They can also include […]

Maria Shikary

The Dreaded UTI

Urinary Tract Infections Urinary Tract Infections or UTIs are one of the most common reason for doctors visits amongst adults, accounting for over 7 million visits per year. Women are eight times more likely than men to get UTIs and there are a few different reasons for this. We have a shorter distance to our […]

Maria Shikary

Why Whole Wheat And Not White Wheat

Do you know that according the USDA a food item can be defined as whole grain only if 51% of the product is whole grain and the rest can be refined flour? I first heard this from the co-founder of a company called Back To The Roots. Back To The Roots is famous for it’s […]

Maria Shikary

The Top 5 Reasons We Should All Have Sex

Sex. It’s on our minds all the time and that’s a good thing because sex goes well beyond the bedroom when it comes to staying healthy. Surprisingly, there are many benefits to sex beyond the obvious pleasure related ones. Sex increases our immune systems’ responsiveness by increasing  antibody levels. Antibodies increase during infections and help […]

Maria Shikary

The Dirty Details of Poop

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with poop! More specifically, a healthy gut microbiota. Poop is an uncomfortable topic for many people, but it’s so important to talk about and a likely powerful key to our overall health. We are learning that what’s in our stool i.e. all those tiny bacteria, are very […]

Maria Shikary

Going Gluten Free Recipes

Everyone is going gluten free these days. Stores have their shelves stocked full of different gluten free products. No doubt, I see the benefits of the gluten free diet for my patients with gluten sensitivity and celiac disease, but replacing one processed food for another is never a good idea. Many people who want to […]

Maria Shikary

The Not So Sweet Side of Sugar

In the United States, we are addicted to sugar; the average American eats about 22 teaspoons of sugar a day. That’s anywhere from 150-170 lbs of sugar a year. Less than 100 years ago we used to consume only 4 lbs of sugar a year! The recommended daily intake of sugar is only 6 teaspoons […]

Maria Shikary

Diet vs Exercise

New year’s weight loss resolutions are abound and gyms are very busy this time of year. People are trying to burn off calories from the holiday season and shed some of the pounds gained and maybe some more in preparation for spring. But how effective is exercise alone? There is no doubt that daily activity […]

Maria Shikary

The Unfair Cost of Medical Bills

Unpaid medical bills are the number one cause of filings for bankruptcy in America. This was a shocking statistic to me. When I think of bankruptcy, I think of people who have been financially irresponsible. I never imagined that most of these people are just trying to take care of the health of themselves or […]

Maria Shikary

The Dirty Dozen

The Dirty Dozen Organic or non organic? Although the verdict may still be out on the nutritional differences between organic and conventional produce, there are other major reasons why you should consider eating organic. Three major reasons for buying organic are: Pesticides: Conventional produce often have pesticide residues. The run off from these pesticides ends […]

Maria Shikary

Tricks of the trade for Flu Prevention and Treatment

Flu season is upon us and although we don’t know how severe this flu season is going to be, it’s best to be prepared.  Of course washing your hands regularly, avoiding touching your face and mouth, and the flu vaccine are good ways of preventing the flu, but their efficacy can vary.  Below are some […]

Maria Shikary
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