Teladoc vs. Texas: What Does It All Mean for Telemedicine?

If you follow telemedicine at all, you may be familiar with the recent ruling by a federal judge to allow Teladoc, the Texas-based telemedicine practice, to continue to operate despite a ruling by the Texas Medical Board. Teladoc recently engaged in a legal battle with the board after they passed a rule requiring physicians to […]

James Wantuck

4 Reasons Why Now Is the Right Time for Telemedicine

No longer just a buzzword, telemedicine (using telecommunications to diagnose, treat, and prescribe medication) is gaining support across the country. By increasing efficiencies, improving the doctor-patient relationship, and saving money, telemedicine is on the rise, fast. Here are four reasons why NOW is the right time for telemedicine. 1. We’ve Reached a Tipping Point for […]

Ryan McQuaid

Prevent Food Poisoning With These 6 Steps

It’s likely you’ve experienced food poisoning at some point in your life. Whether it was the chicken you let thaw, freeze, then thaw again (guilty), a bad order of oysters (guilty, again), or who knows what, food poisoning is distressing, unpleasant, and can even be life-threatening in serious cases. Symptoms range from intestinal discomfort to […]

Phoebe Byers

Meet James Wantuck, MD – Physician and Chief Medical Officer at PlushCare

“I decided to help launch PlushCare because I believe in treating patients as people, not a number.” A New York native, Dr. Wantuck attended the University of Pittsburgh for his undergraduate degree, studying chemistry and neuroscience. He then ventured South to Nashville to attend medical school at Vanderbilt University. “I loved my time in the […]

Phoebe Byers

6 Hacks to Improve Your Health at Work

How many of you know the daily frustration of showing up to work without having exercised that morning (er…the past few mornings) or eaten a healthy breakfast at home, or at all? It’s easy to get into an unhealthy rut, but don’t let your work schedule drag your health down. Try these hacks to keep […]

Phoebe Byers

Meet Mark Siy – Customer Service and Operations at PlushCare

“I joined PlushCare because I believe in the company’s goal to increase efficiency in healthcare delivery while providing world-class care.” A recent graduate of UC Berkeley, Mark majored in Public Health during college. This past January, he participated in a Medical Mission to the Philippines, his native country. “Providing health services to underserved communities in […]

Phoebe Byers

Avoid Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac This Summer

Many of us might be familiar with the saying “leaves of three, let it be.” It’s a good rule to remember during your weekend hike or camping trip. However, there are a few other important facts and helpful tips to keep in mind during your next outdoor exploration. Approximately 85% of Americans are allergic to […]

Phoebe Byers

Our Mission to Keep Kids Healthy, One Visit at a Time

When my Co-Founder James Wantuck and I first conceptualized PlushCare, our vision was to unite world-class physicians with patients who were seeking affordable and accessible health coverage. Since launching in 2014, I can proudly say that we’ve helped thousands of patients across the country with their healthcare needs. Additionally, we’ve provided a professional and supportive […]

Ryan McQuaid

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Stay Healthy During Holiday Travel

Are you among the 37.2 million Americans planning to kick off summer with some much needed R&R this Memorial Day weekend? If so, perhaps you could benefit from a few healthy travel tips to make sure you don’t pick up any unwelcome souvenirs as a result of spending hours cooped up in a plan, train, […]

Phoebe Byers

Meet George Rudy, MD, PhD – Physician at PlushCare

“I joined PlushCare because I’ve had an interest in telemedicine for several years. The convenient model appealed to me.” A Yale, Stanford, and UCSF graduate, Dr. George Rudy began practicing medicine in 1978. Currently a member of the American Telemedicine Association, Dr. Rudy had his first encounter with telemedicine thirty years ago…on a sailboat. “In […]

Phoebe Byers
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