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About Author — Dr. Wantuck co-founded PlushCare to improve access to top-notch care. He attended medical school at Vanderbilt and completed his residency at Stanford University Medical Center in internal medicine.

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Keep reading if you’ve encountered this scenario:

On Monday your life is moving along at a nice clip. You’re gainfully employed, the sun is shining, and your future looks bright.

By Tuesday, your job is quickly taken away from you, and with it a sense of security that a steady income provides. In addition to the mounting burden and stress you begin to experience as you contemplate life without a paycheck, there’s another fearful thought that begins to creeps into your mind: what about my health coverage?

Regardless of your path, there’s likely been a time in your professional life when you’ve panicked at the prospect of losing health coverage and what that could potentially mean if you happened to find yourself involved in a freak accident or making an unexpected visit to the doctor.  “How much will all that cost without coverage? Will I need to move? Remortgage my house? Take out a loan?” The list goes on and the questions mount.

Even with health coverage, the costs are not minimal. It’s reported that the average deductible increased from $584 to $1217 in eight years. When co-pays, medications, and other associated costs are factored in, the total becomes unbearable for many. So unbearable, that as many as 30% of privately insured, working-age Americans with deductibles totaling at least 5% of their income skipped seeing their doctor about a medical problem. The same percentage also skipped tests, treatments, or follow-ups.

What does that equate to? Nearly 59 million people who are neglecting to see their doctor due to the concern of the costs associated with their visit.

As for the uninsured? Well, there’s roughly 50 million individuals in this country who still don’t even have access to basic health coverage.

Despite the benefits that the Affordable Care Act has provided to millions of Americans, health coverage in this country continues to be a burden for many. It’s likely expensive and always confusing. In addition to the rising costs, there’s the inconvenience of scheduling appointments, taking time out of your day, and sitting in a waiting room.

But what if all of this changed? What if any individual in the country could be diagnosed, treated, and prescribed medication by a world-class physician for $99 a visit?

Enter PlushCare.

We’ve created a team of highly qualified and skilled doctors to treat anyone, regardless of whether or not they’re insured, for a nominal fee. We also schedule and conduct our appointments through your phone or computer so you can relax at home, work, or wherever you happen to be located. This is the type of health coverage we want for each and every American. Seamless and hassle free, with no deductibles, co-pays, or hidden fees. This is quality treatment when you need it the most. This is PlushCare.

PlushCare provides virtual doctor’s visits from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you’re located. For $99 our world-class doctors will diagnose, treat, and prescribe you medication. For more information or to book an appointment, visit