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Can You Get a Soliqua Prescription Online?

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Can You Get a Soliqua Prescription Online?

writtenByWritten by: Jennifer Nelson
Jennifer Nelson

Jennifer Nelson

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June 3, 2019 Read Time - 5 minutes

Can You Get a Soliqua Prescription Online?

If you have type 2 diabetes, you may have heard about Soliqua and be wondering if you can get a Soliqua prescription online.

Let’s discuss what Soliqua is, how it works, the benefits, side effects, and other precautions and considerations of Soliqua. Then, we’ll talk about how you can get a Soliqua prescription online.

What is Soliqua?

Soliqua is the brand name for a combination medication that combines insulin glargine (a long-acting insulin) with lixisenatide, which belongs to a class of drugs called glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) receptor agonists. Soliqua is used to lower blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes.

How Does Soliqua Work?

Soliqua works in several different ways:

  • Lowers blood sugar levels by moving glucose from bloodstream into cells
  • Increases the amount of insulin your body makes
  • Causes your stomach to empty slower after eating, which makes you feel full longer
  • Tells your liver to release less glucose into your blood

Soliqua Dosage and Treatment

Soliqua dosage varies greatly depending on your condition. Always follow your doctor’s dosing instructions to ensure that you are taking the correct dosage of Soliqua.

Dosage of Soliqua usually ranges from 15 to 60 units per day taken in the morning, one hour before the first meal of the day.

Benefits of Soliqua

Soliqua reduces blood sugar levels. High blood sugar can result in kidney damage, blindness, nerve problems, sexual dysfunction, and loss of limbs. Since Soliqua lowers blood sugar, it helps reduce these risks.

Side Effects of Soliqua

Like all medications, Soliqua does carry a risk of side effects. Potential side effects of Soliqua may include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Low blood sugar
  • Respiratory infections like a cold or the flu
  • Kidney damage
  • Serious allergic reaction
  • Pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas)
  • Low potassium
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Considerations and Precautions of Soliqua

While Soliqua is generally considered safe, it isn’t right for everybody. Always tell your doctor about every medication you take and disclose your entire medical history to prevent potentially serious complications.

Soliqua Interactions

Soliqua may interact with other medications. Be sure to tell your doctor about any medications you take, including supplements, vitamins, and over the counter medications.

Especially be sure to mention if you take any of the following:

Other Precautions of Soliqua

Though generally considered safe, Soliqua isn’t right for everybody. Be sure to talk to your doctor about your medical history. Be especially sure to mention any of the following:

  • Slow stomach emptying
  • Kidney disease
  • Gallbladder problems
  • Pancreas problems
  • Alcoholism

Soliqua and Pregnancy

Soliqua may cause birth defects when taken during pregnancy. Avoid taking Soliqua if you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant. If you become pregnant while taking Soliqua, contact your doctor immediately.

Soliqua may pass into breast milk and should not be taken by women who are breastfeeding.

Can You Buy Soliqua Online?

There are a variety of sites claiming that they can send prescription medication to you from other countries. However, federal law requires everybody talk to a doctor before receiving prescription medication, so these websites are skirting the law.

Luckily, there is a safe and legal way to buy Soliqua online. With PlushCare, you can have a phone or video appointment with a licensed doctor. If they believe that Soliqua is right for you, they can electronically send a prescription to your preferred pharmacy.

How does it work? You can get started by clicking here or calling (888) 371-9943 any time of night or day to schedule an appointment.

You’ll have a video or phone appointment with one of our trusted doctors. You will discuss your medical history and condition with the doctor, and if they think you would benefit from Soliqua, they can electronically send a prescription to your local pharmacy, where you pick it up when it’s ready.

It really is that easy to buy Soliqua online. Just click here or call (888) 371-9943 to get started.

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