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Do You Need Antibiotics for a Jaw Infection?

Jaw infections can be extremely painful and, depending on the source of the infection, quite serious. Treatments for a jaw infection vary based on severity, but often treatment for jaw infection does include antibiotics.

Do you need antibiotics for a jaw infection? Let’s take look at the signs, symptoms and causes of jaw infections, as well as some treatment options that you can try.

Antibiotics for Jaw Infections

Patients who suffer from jaw infections or tooth infections are typically prescribed antibiotics. This is because bacteria is a common cause of these infections. The infected area may also be drained to relieve pressure and swelling and the symptoms of jaw infections can be treated using prescription antibiotics or over-the-counter pain medications.

Think you may be experiencing symptoms of a jaw infection? Book an appointment with a Plushcare physician and get an antibiotic prescription today.

Read on to learn more about jaw infections.

What is a Jaw Infection?

Most “Jaw Infections” originate in your mouth—gums, palate, cheeks, tongue or teeth. The pain in your jaw is the result of inflammation caused by such infections. Infections are usually the result of pulp (the part of the tooth which contains blood vessels) becoming infected as the result of a decaying or broken tooth.

This happens when bacterium spread from the infected tooth into the tissues (gums) or bone below. The result is a [dental abscess](, which can lead to a more serious infection called sepsis.

How serious are Jaw Infections?

Jaw infections should be taken serisouly and treated promptly because if left untreated the rest of the body is at risk of infection. Sepsis is an infection of the blood that can stem from an untreated jaw infection. According to, sepsis has killed and/or disabled millions of people. Approximately one-third of people who contract such infections will die as a result.

Symptoms of a Jaw Infection

Symptoms of a jaw infection may include:

  • Fever
  • Pain in jaw
  • Bad Breath
  • Swelling of the jaw, gums or neck
  • Inflammation of the infected area
  • Temperature sensitivity in teeth

Since jaw infections typically begin in broken or decaying teeth, they often happen after the patient has sustained injuries to their teeth. This includes injuries sustained by poorly executed dental procedures.

Such injuries may cause broken or cracked teeth, which exposes teeth to a bacterium causing infections in the pulp of the teeth. These infections then spread into the soft tissues or bones, causing the symptoms to worsen.

Seeing a Doctor for a Jaw Infection

If you think you have a jaw infection you will likely need antibiotics as treatment. As mentioned above, prompt treatment for jaw infections is crucial to prevent more serious conditions such as sepsis. You can conveniently get antibiotics from an online doctor with PlushCare. Book an appointment to get diagnosed and treated today.

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