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5 Ways To Eat Healthy This Weekend

August 23, 2017 Read Time - 3 minutes

About Author

From New York, Phoebe attended the College of William & Mary and received an MPH from Univ. of S. Carolina. Her passion for empowering others to live healthier lives has led her to work in healthcare.

You know the drill. You’ve been healthy all week, exercising almost every morning, opting for salads at lunch, and swapping wine for water at dinner. Now it’s Friday and the temptation for an after work beer or two followed by a burger with fries starts to creep back into your thoughts. But don’t throw all your hard work out the window. Loosening the reigns a bit can mean losing full control and making it that much harder to get back on track come Monday morning. Use the weekend as an opportunity to stay healthy because you have more time to do so. These 5 tips will keep you healthy and happy this weekend.

1. Drink Water Before and After Every Drink.
You’re less likely to down that bottle of beer or glass of wine Friday after work if you’ve just chugged a glass of water. Add a glass of water after each drink, and you’ll likely only make through 1-2 drinks instead of the usual 2-3. Also, you’ll help that hangover in the morning as the water will keep you hydrated and headache-free.

2. Eat An Apple Before Your Meals.
Besides being delicious, apples are a great way to fill up before a meal so you aren’t as ravenous when you sit down for a meal with friends or load up your plate at a dinner party. The water and fiber in apples will keep you satiated so you won’t be as likely to dive into those chips and guac or allow yourself to extra helpings of bread and cheese. Apples not in season? Try an orange, pear or handful of strawberries.

3. Bring On The Greens.
Make it a point to add something green to your plate this weekend. Friday night dinner and drinks with friends? Order a salad for the group as an appetizer. Headed to a friend’s house for a potluck? Bring a side of sautéed greens. Brunch plans on Sunday? Opt for the vegetarian frittata with a leafy green like spinach or chard or maybe try the niçoise salad.

4. Serve Yourself.
Grazing in the kitchen is a common practice on the weekend as the lack of structure can create a casual and relaxed environment around eating. Avoid overeating by serving yourself the kitchen and then eating in the dining room, living room, or anywhere but the kitchen. Be sure to prepare a mini meal for yourself — think a handful of carrots with hummus, apple with almond butter, or a half tomato mozzarella sandwich. It’s better to satiate your hunger with a small, set meal than grazing on chips and salsa over the course of three hours.

5. Minimize Your Indulgences.
Dying for chocolate or something sweet come Sunday evening? Avoid polishing off an entire container of Ben & Jerry’s by purchasing individually wrapped pieces of dark chocolate or organic ice cream sandwiches. You’ll be less likely to overindulge if you can count how many items you’re consuming.

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